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Fancy Widget v1.1 Released

Thanks for all the suggestions and bug reports. We have been working on this new version for a while, and now it is finally here. This is a major update that fixed some serious issues.

What's new in v1.1:

  • Fixed the clock number size inconsistent problem.
  • Fixed the issue that caused weather information to disappear.
  • New: Added the option to launch your own application when tapping on the clock.
  • Changed the default action to launch the config screen by tapping

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    on the clock.

  • New: Added more refresh interval options. Default refresh rate changed to 2 hours.
  • Fixed landscape layout for WVGA devices (e.g., Nexus One, Droid Incredible).
  • Improved layout for QVGA devices (e.g., HTC Tattoo).
  • Fixed a bug which led to incorrect refresh status on the config screen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check out the FAQ below or leave your questions in the comments.

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  1. Love the application, you’re doing some great work. Its a wonderful Sense UI style clock. Just wondering though, is there a way to make the clock actually ‘flip’ the numbers when the time changes, so that it looks like a real clock? And is there also away for it to produce weather related animations across the home screen? That would be awesome

    • Thanks for your suggestion. It would be very difficult to implement widget animation directly on the homescreen. HTC Sense widgets have that because they have their own widget framework. This is also why HTC widgets do not work with alternative launchers like Helix Launcher and Launcher Pro. However, full screen weather animation is possible as a few other widgets do have that. We are also considering to implement this feature and it will probably be available in future versions.

  2. That would be great if you could translate the widget ! French please !

  3. APP…it’s beutiful on my htc legend + launcherpro….italy please….:-))

  4. Nice work. I however see dont icons for ‘Isolated thunderstorms’ though.

    • I however see dont icons for ‘Isolated thunderstorms’ though.

      Thanks for reporting. This problem has been fixed. Please wait for the next update.

  5. Where do you get the weather info from? I would like know so I can figure out if there are weather data available for my city (Malmoe / Malmö, Sweden)

    • The weather information is retrieved from Google. I tried to search for your city. Malmoe did not return any results, while Malmö yields Malm, Nord-Trøndelag. Malmo also seems to be a valid query, which I think is your city in Sweden.

  6. Yes you are right, it accepts ‘malmo’ as city, but no weather info shows up.
    I got weather info when I tried with ‘Cophenhagen’ though, and Malmö and Copenhagen are pretty close even if they are in different countries 😉

    • There’s a bug that prevents the weather to show up for certain cities. It has now been fixed. In the next update, you will be able to see weather information when you search for Malmo.

  7. hey. am missing the weather graphics… till today noon they worked perfect… since about 6 hours now the forecast + symbol + weather description is gone… only have the city and temp and min+max temp… what could it be? thx!

  8. Great app, graphics look great. But, a couple of the bugs appear to still be there on v1.1. I still periodiclly loose the weather information completely from the widget. Also, The location doesn’t update on the widget. I am running v1.1

    • If you can see the temperature on the widget when the weather icon is gone, it is a confirmed bug. The location update issue will also be fixed in the next update.

  9. Thanks for writing the app, I think it’s great.

    However, after the update my widget don’t seem to:

    1 update the current temperature anymore,
    2 the forcast screen (when you tap the weather icon in the middle) don’t update either.
    3 Nither does the temperature range for the day

    I am using the Magic @ android 1.6

    • Have you tried a manual refresh? Does it work?

      • Tried the stuff that’s in the FAQ, manual refresh, manual location

        however, new development – went to the google site, looks like their weather forcast for Brisbane, Australia (where i m) is also stuck on the same thing, i guess there is no bug here…..its at the google side o.O

        what do you reckon?

        • I just did a search, and Google returned Brisbane, QLD, with the current weather as Partly Cloudy.
          It is kinda weird that Google sometimes fails to return weather information for certain cities. This also happened to Chihuahua when I was doing some tests before.

          • wow…they must have just fixed it….its returning the current data now. 14oC with today’s weather predictions….

            thanks for nothing i guess 😛

            Funny how they get “stuck” sometimes, i thought these will all be automated to a local weather station?

  10. Nice app 🙂 Using it since a few days, but I have a question. When I started it the first time, tapping the clock bring up the settings panel. I’ve set the widget so that when I tap the clock, my calendar will show up. No problem here…but how can I get back to the Settings panel now? Tapping the clock (almost everywhere) brings up the calendar, but what if I’d like to change this setting…?

    I also have the problem that by tapping the weather icon in the middle, the forecast won’t show up. It worked first, but not now 🙁

    I’m usinig a Nexus One with 2.1 and the newest version of Fancy Widget.


    • Well, never mind the Settings issue 🙂 I wasn’t reading the FAQ careful enough 🙂 Sorry ’bout that!

      But the weather forecast issue is still there…

      • When happens when you tap on the weather icon? Could you try to remove the widget from the homescreen and re-add it there?

  11. Any chance there will be a 4×1 widget with clock and weather?sp

  12. There’s no way from the clock to set the alarm? Love the app .. will be considered perfect, if able to do such a thing.


    • You can launch the alarm clock by tapping on the clock, and you will be able to set the alarm there.

      • Thanks, Dennis. Yeah, I figured that’s just about as easy as if the clock had this ability. 😉 … Thanks for the reply.


  13. Thanks for this nice Widget!

    BTW, what do you think about localizating to other languages?

    I can help you with portuguese (pt-BR and pt-PT) and spanish.
    Just send me a mail with strings.xml.

  14. You guys should definitely consider doing more HTC style widgets, I’ve been looking for one like this for a very long time considering I have a Droid and am quite jealous of the Sense UI haha. Maybe calendar, contacts and friendstream? Thank you so much, this is one of the best apps out there!

    • Thanks for your support. I am also using a Droid and I like the time and weather widget on HTC handsets. This is one of the reasons why we started the Fancy Widget project. 🙂

  15. Is there anywhere we can download the apk? I have a dev phone i would like to install this on.

  16. Hi !
    Haven’t seen the to-do list, but if your are interest in a french translation, contact me!

    Nice job !

  17. Hi, this is lovely!

    However there seems to be some sort of halo around the numbers? Could it be a transparency issue? Also the halo disappears when I try to slide the home screen.

    Running Froyo with Launcher Pro.

    • I am not sure what the halo is that you are talking about. I cannot see any halo around the numbers when I tested on the android emulator with Froyo.

      • Hmm, do you have a Nexus One? It could be the color banding problem of the nexus one screen. I can see the transparency layer around each digit like a faint greyish hue.

        • Sorry, I do not have a Nexus One to test on.

          • I just did some more test with Launcher Pro under Froyo. Now I can confirm your problem. There is some shadow (or halo) around the numbers. However, when I switch back to the default Froyo launcher, the shadow is gone. So I am guessing that this has something to do with Launcher Pro. You may contact the author of Launcher Pro for more information on this issue.

            • Hi, I have the same problem with ADW.Launcher, which is the shadow shows around the number. I believe that is the technology that ADW, Launcher Pro, or Helix use when they move the screen so that the transition is faster.

              It happens reverse on your widget, I see that when I drag the screen the shadow around the numbers gone. May be you could look into that?

              I’m happy to have you widget on my screen 🙂 Thank you very much!
              Android really Does!

  18. Love it so far just found out about it ten minutes ago. How do I get ahold of the maker if I do a themed version of it would you have any problem?


  19. Brilliant widget – only one problem for me – it doesn’t show weather for Manchester, UK. It gets me everywhere i go, just not when i’m at home! It does get my location, but doesn’t bring up any icon for the current weather.

  20. Having trouble with the clock display stopping. Have uninstalled any Task Killer (fancy widget was already on it’s ignore list). Have my calendar launch when tapping on clock. When the clocks stops, I go to the app config screen and have it manually refresh, still doesn’t update the widget time. Delete the widget, put the widget back on the home page. The widget is now completely blank and sometime stays that way for hours. Delete it again, put it back, sometime after a bit it will finally put the time/data/weather/etc back. Standard Droid w/2.1. Ideas? Any other info I can provide?

    • I am not sure why this happens sometimes, but I am working on a new version that hopefully addresses this issue. Just stay tuned for updates!

      • OK. Thanks. I love the widget otherwise! (I know you must get tired of all the requests for additional features, but…. It might be nice to select different apps to launch if you hit the widget in different places. Touch Clock to launch Alarm, touch Date to launch Calendar, etc). Keep up the great work!!! Thanks again.

  21. Hello –

    This is a brilliant app, love the graphics and customisation options.

    Just a quick question –

    I live in Melbourne and have noticed the weather description is showing Partly Cloudy for a long time now. The actual weather, etc. is showing fine though. The sky looks nice & clear today, however the description still shows Partly Cloudy.

    Can you please give me a link to the actual google page form where the weather information is taken from. I would just like to confirm that the information is up-to-date on my widget and that I am not having any issues with my widget not updating or showing incorrect information.

    Thanks heaps!

    • Which version of the widget are you using? I’m just curious why you left a comment on such a rather old post.

      I just checked with Google Weather. The current condition for Melbourne is indeed Partly Cloudy, with a temperature of 66F.