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Fancy Widget v1.2.6

After the last update yesterday, we still got reports that the manual refresh did not work properly (e.g., force closes). Since I could reproduce the problem neither under the emulator nor with my Droid, it was somewhat difficult to locate and fix the bug. As manual refresh is important to many uses, I decided to investigate and really fix it before removing the widget from the market. So here is v1.2.6, which (hopefully) addressed the manual refresh issue at last. In this update, another change is that the update service will not be killed by the system when it is running low on memory. However, this only applies to pre 2.0 systems, and is useful for G1 users that constantly have freeze issues. Also included in this version is a Danish translation (thanks Gert Nielsen).

Although it is discussed in the FAQ, I still get many questions about the time freeze. Please make sure that you add the widget to the ignore list of any task managers. Otherwise, the widget would be killed and thus will not update.

Again, please update to the latest version as soon as possible, and don't forget to also update your backup. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. not installing now?
    Download always stops and won’t install

  2. it ain’t installing now….and says downloading unsuccessful

    i really want to download the app where can i download it?

  3. I want this widget also but its not letting me download

  4. hmm.. Same in UK. “update available”, but wont download. “Download unsuccessful”

    Any chance you can post here or email?

  5. I think it’s a Market problem, lots of people have the same error on pretty much every application on the Market. I scanned through the logs of my phone and it says “http error 404”, so it’s on Google’s side.

  6. It is other apparently too at least Google Buzz has the same error.

  7. On my EVO, it appears to still have problems auto updating. Works for a while and then stops.

  8. WOW ! You guy are amazing ! I thank you so much for the update concerning the date in french. I will soon donate for your apps because you’re doing a great job. fancy widget is perfect and don’t matter about the craps saying it’s freezing ! They are so stupid they don’t know how using their task killer ! I have an Xperia, and fancy widget works perfectly. the only thing to remind is to re-add it to the task killer exceptions at every update. thanks for all one more time

    • I’m not even using a task killer and mine stops refreshing after a few hours. So I’m pretty sure that there is some kind of a problem. At least on my EVO.

  9. There is a problem with the weather part and auto refresh, Samsung GS, running 1.2.5

  10. I’m having issues with the date display. Just above the Temps, I’m getting 5, 6 24. Of course it is supposed to be Thursday, June 24th. Where does Fancy Widget pull the date from? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice with no luck.

    • The date format is related to your locale. What is your system locale setting?

      • I have my locale in phone settings set to WiFi/Mobile Networks. And Fancy is set to the same. I’ve tried changing to GPS but it will only queue the weather. The date appears with the time on startup, but still the numerical values only. lol

        • The locale refers to the geographical region and language on your phone. You can find it under Settings->Language & Keyboard->Select Locale. Sorry I did not make it clear.

  11. I do agree with the above post though… even if it stops refreshing sometimes, I’m going to keep using it because its awesome 🙂

  12. Thank you for your app.
    But I have one suggestion.
    Could you add new option “Auto refresh at screen on” in refresh settings?

  13. I love this widget, however it seems that auto-refresh still doesn’t work for me, especially when using 1-2 hour intervals. using Droid 2.1

  14. it doesnt download on the market. 🙁

  15. I have a problem with the weather. It starts in english, but turns after a while to dutch. That’s okay for me, but the animation won’t show up anymore.

  16. Hi Dennis.. Really love this widget on my N1. The issue I have is that it does not seem to have the weather data for my city/location (Vadodara, Gujarat, India). Other widgets don’t seem to have a problem with getting weather data about my city/location.

  17. Great widget, great effort, love your work. I just hope you’ll be able to update it once more and add an action when tapping the clock, so that it would open the alarm clock, as i cannot set this on my Samsung Spica (2.1).

    • You may choose to launch the alarm clock application when tapping on the clock. There is a clock tap action option in the settings screen.

  18. love the widget, screw HTC. auto-refresh doesn’t seem to work well for me either. Samsung Moment (Sprint). Android 2.1. Had been trying 1 hour auto-refresh but it seems to miss the hour. I’ll try switching to 2 hour intervals but it would be even better with one last update. thanks for your work and I look forward to your future apps.

  19. Hi Dennis I love the Widget, only one issue: I wish it could turn to night mode(moon) around 9:00 PM(21:00) instead of 12:00 AM(00:00). Is it easy to fix?

    • The widget would automatically calculate the sunrise/sunset time based on your location, and it shows the moon (or other night weather icon depending on the weather condition) after sunset.

      • I found what was wrong. I had time and date inserted manually instead of letting the system decide the location automatically. So even if the time was right, for some reason the icon changed after 12:00.All is good now.

  20. Hey Dennis, great work with the widget. Too bad you must discontinue it 🙁

    Is there a way that you can make the localization files external to the app? Or is the format documented and editable by just changing a file in the apk? Some of the strings of the French translation have mistakes and most of it just doesn’t match the original strings from the weather apps.


    • The localization file is in the form of an XML file compiled into the apk, so users cannot directly change it. We are using the standard method in Android to support multiple languages, and I am not sure whether there is a better way for localization.

  21. how do you get the thing set as your back ground on the google g1

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