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Fancy Widget v1.2.7

All right, here is yet another update. It fixes the auto-refresh issue and also includes a Russian translation (thanks Alex Dzyavun). Please update as soon as possible and don't forget to update your backup. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully there will be no more updates.

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  1. Thanks for Russian translation!

  2. Is there a way people can contribute with other translations?
    Im dutch myself :p

    Great App!

  3. I love the app but is there a way to fix the gitch on the clock that keeps on freezing for me thanks 😀

  4. 1.2.7 seems to have solved my weather auto-refresh problem on Samsung Moment 2.1. YOU DA MAN!

  5. Where I can send my suggestions about russian translation?

  6. This thing has died on my in every single version. I do not run any task managers, but the android system kills the background process after using a large app and it never, ever starts again. Sometimes a manual refresh will get it going, but that is an awkward process…need an area on the widget to do a restart/refresh when pressed.

    • What is your android system version? If it is pre 2.0, since v1.2.6, the system will not kill the update service even when it is running low on memory.

  7. the weather doesnt appear?? im in uk using dext also tested on legend and weather doesn appear either on tht

    • Can you see your location on the widget?
      It is possible that Google does not have weather information for your city.

  8. Having same problem as stated above, running on a g1 with cyanogens latest (2.1) the clock is my only problem, I will open browser or something else and go back and the time refuses to update, I don’t have an automatic task killer and I have excluded it from the one I do have (advanced task manager)

    • The problem is probably that G1 does not have enough memory, so the system decides to kill the update service when other apps need more resource.

  9. Can you Post the app here?

  10. Is there a reason why the weather won’t show up on my widget? I just downloaded it and am not sure of the problem. Thanks

  11. All seems to b fine for me now thanks love it. But how can I backup is the only way apps2sd? Thanks

  12. The config menu seems to show that its auto updating now, but the widget and forecasts aren’t changing? It’s most noticeable when the day changes and it still shows the previous day in the forecast. Only way to get it to update is to reset the location.

    • Does manual refresh work?

      • No I just tested it with manual refresh, and the only way I can get it to update the forecast and weather on the widget is by resetting the location. On the plus side the clock keeps its time 🙂

        • How did you reset your location? Did you manually specify it?

          • Yea I typed it in ‘Set Location’ (Lewisham) and it picks it up, eg. Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom

            • Do you have data access all the time? If at the scheduled update time, there is no network connection or somehow the refresh fails, the weather data will not update.

              • I’ve always got data connected/active. Surely if that was the case the manual refresh should work anyway, or would one failed attempt prevent all future attempts from working? (Thanks for your replies by the way, appreciate it)

                • It is weird that resetting the location would work while manual refresh won’t. One failed update attempt will not affect any future updates.

                  • Yea it is super weird. Guess there’s nothing I can do about it, thanks for your help anyway

                    • Well, the last thing I would suggest is to uninstall the app and re-install it from the market. But this probably won’t help either.

                    • Not sure if this is relevant, but I just noticed that if I open the Forecast window from the widget & click one of the days, it opens the browser & goes to the The Weather Channel site but goes to a search page, not a page for my location?

  13. Thanks for the Russian language. Initially, long tried to set up (not displayed weather), as it turned out just my city is not in the database. (Belarus, Vitebsk).
    Indicated in the manual mode Minsk, Belarus and the weather was updated.
    Please add support for other cities in Belarus.

    • The weather information is from Google servers, and there is no way for us to add your city to their database. Sorry about that.

  14. no location doesnt show up…… but it works on the legend on the sense clock just not on fancy widget

  15. yeh if you could add for rugby uk, and coventry that would be great

  16. Works great on my Droid now—NO complaints.
    I couldn’t figure out how to back up Fancy Widget with astro (guess I am an idiot)—— so I tried “on the fly backup” from the market.
    Very easy to figure out—- works great—FREE!!!
    I uninstalled fancy Widget from my phone & reinstalled from SD card with on the fly backup & it works as it is supposed to.

  17. ㅡWhere is download link?

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