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Fancy Widget v1.3.0

This is a minor update. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed missing weather icons for a few weather conditions (e.g., Heavy Rain).
  • Fixed date format and some spelling mistakes in the Danish translation.
  • Added Dutch translation (thanks Jan-Willem van Velzen).

If you have any comments or find

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  1. Hi,

    where can i download this widget ?

    mr. winterbottom

  2. Temp seems to be stuck today. Probably google weather.
    Currently in michigan.temp has said 72 all day but its now 83.

  3. market place if is not there then it has bn stop becouse htc moaning about it

  4. what can i download widget? plz

  5. hello,

    i love this app. but can somebody fix the clock stuck error ? everytime i shut my screen off, the clock stops.

    i got a htc magic with cyanogen 5.0.8


  6. Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that the weather/temperature has been stuck for about a day. And prior to that it was intermittently stuck for approximately a week. I realize you can no longer update, and that this appears to be a google problem. But I thought it might be useful to know. I love the app too much to stop using it despite this, but it sure would be nice if it worked consistently. Also, I’m in Portland, OR and I use the Motorola Cliq. Thank you for your hard work.

  7. Yea stuck in michigan as well. Since you use weather channel for forecasts too bad you cant use them for temp.

  8. Current temp has been stuck for 2 days now. Auto update also doesn’t seem to work very well. I hope the new version fixes this issue.

  9. I can’t figure out why it’s refreshing weather so frequently.

    I had auto refresh at 2 hours, but it’s refreshing much more often than that. I even just turned auto-refresh off and it’s still updating.

    Is it possible it’s updating on it’s own, regardless of those settings whenever the phone comes out of sleep more or something?

    • It should not update when auto-refresh is turned off.

      • It is. Any idea how or why? I have a Droid X.

        What’s really weird is that weatherbug elite widget was doing the same thing. Help me figure how why.

      • So any thoughts on this yet? Auto-refresh is definitely off and it’s refreshing every few minutes still.

        • That’s weird. BTW, how did you find out it’s refreshing? Was the weather condition/temperature changing every few minutes?

          • Well, actually the weather forecast has been stuck for over a day now like others reported. As far as how I can tell fancy widget its updating is that I’m going into stings and looking at refresh status. It’s almost always in the past 5 minutes.

            If the weather wasn’t stuck I could further confirm it’s updating by sering the temp change, but I’m sure that’s happened before.

            Also just to be clear, in refresh settings, auto refresh is off. In refresh status there is no next refresh time listed when auto refresh is off.

            What is making it refresh?

            Also, what’s with the data being stuck?

            • I am confused. Since the refresh status is empty when auto-refresh is off, how did you see it’s almost always in the past 5 minutes?

              The weather data is stuck because Google is not updating their data.

              • Sorry, if I wasn’t clear. I was mobile when I typed that. Thanks for your patience.

                Let me explain better, because this is very weird.

                In Fancy Widget refresh settings I have auto-refresh unchecked, refresh interval is greyed out (but has 2 hours in there), refresh now is lit and can be clicked and refresh status shows Last Refresh 4:31pm Jul30.

                So, I’m able to find out the time that fancy widgets last updated by going into the refresh settings screen and looking at the entry in refresh status.

                The refresh status is almost always shows a time that’s in the last 15 minutes. So, even with auto-refresh off, it’s still refreshing. If I turn auto-refresh on and leave the interval at 2 hours, it still refreshes much more frequently.

                And yes, the time and forecast is (now) changing on these refreshes and spare parts is indicating additional network usage for fancy widgets after these updates as well, so it’s definitely transferring data and re-loading the weather very frequently.

                Any ideas now?

                • Are you running the latest version (i.e., v1.3) now? The only thing I can think of is, if you change certain settings (e.g., toggle on/off the GPS option) in the settings screen, the widget will force an update even when auto-refresh is turned off.

                  • Yes, I’m running 1.3.

                    Is there any sort of debug mode to see what it’s doing?

                    No, not toggling anything like that.

                    It doesn’t check when I switch towers or something like that?

                    Like I said earlier too, weatherbug widget is doing the same thing.

                    Maybe something unique to the Droid X where there’s sme weather service running. I have no idea.

                    • The widget released on the market does not work in debug mode and writes limited information to the system log. You can check the log using aLogcat or send it to me. I am not sure it will help us find out the reason though.

                      No, it does not update when you switch towers. I do not have a Droid X, and I am not sure what’s special about it that may have caused this update issue.

                    • Where can I find the log? I’ll be happy to dig it up and send it to you.

                    • You can save/send system log using the aLogcat app from the market.

                  • Got the log. How do I send it to you? You have an email address you want to give me?

                  • Sent. Let know if that sheds any light on this

  10. Temp is stuck and doesn’t ever report the right temp. Also , location rarely ever shows up, on the widget it is usually just a number where the location should be. Love the widget so please fix if possible…thanks!

  11. Hey Dennis. For almost 4 days now the temp/weather icon has been stuck (motorola cliq in Portland OR). In other cities it seems to working just fine (e.g., Los Angeles). Is there anything I can on my end or is this still strictly a google issue? Also, do you have an idea when you’ll release your new app? Thank you.

  12. Hi, the weather has also been stuck at 75 degrees for about 3 days now. I’m in the Los Angeles area

  13. Hi guys
    This widget is the best weather clock widget ever and i have use a lot of these widgets like: beautiful widget & weather and toggle widget and wf and clock widget they all dont work good the weather widget will be delete if you refresh it!
    but i wanne know if i donate will i get auto the new update?
    I had lucky and find it on a android forum and its not in the market so it will be nice if you donate you get the new version then!

    ps:sorry for mine english 😉

  14. Is their any way to change where the widget gets its weather data from, google weather api has been frozen for 3 days now so their has been no updates on the widget.

  15. Dennis, I too am looking forward to the new update / widget soon to be available on Market. I will gladly pay for it as well. I believe if you produce a product that makes my life easier/better, I will be willing to pay for it -as long as it’s reasonable! Any estimation on launch date / price at this point? Thanks much – Sean (Droid X in jax, FL)

  16. Finally working again in michigan!

  17. Is there a way to download it even if its not in the market? I had the latest version but had to update and wipe my phone clean and I really want it back….any news when they will re-release?

  18. trying to download app and it won’t let me. Where can I find app to download if not on the market?

  19. What is astro?

  20. Where is the new version?

  21. Hello I am using v1.3.0 version, my phone is the Samsung i9000, I had a problem, time will remain in the update time, for example, if it is 15:30, and after a five minutes phone time to change after 15:35, but the fancy Que still stuck at 15:30, and did not change over time forward, what this kind of problem then? I Gairu He resolved? Thank you!!!

  22. how do i download this for my intercept

  23. Allow a smaller 4×1 widget with a transparent background like Beautiful Widgets. Keep with Weather Channel, Accuweather is a joke

  24. Fixed missing weather icons for a few weather conditions (e.g., Heavy Rain)- sorry, but NOT FIXED! Heavy Rain icon missing! (LG-540)

    • Are you running v1.3?

      • yes, v.1.3
        andoid versoin -1.6, phone: LG-540

        • I did add the support of the “heavy rain” condition, but I don’t know why the icon is not showing up for you. What is your location? I can do some tests if the weather there is still “heavy rain”.

          • Thanks for care and in advance forgive for my English. I am to Russia, Nizhni Tagil. The heavy rain still proceeds. But the icon MISSING. It is empty. Only the text. In advance I thank

            • What is the exact location that you see on the widget? I tried to search for Nizhni Tagil or Nizhny Tagil, but no weather information is available.

  25. Try Yekaterinburg. It is nearby. There heavy rain too.

  26. When is the new version coming out?

  27. Been using fancy widget for a long time now and apart from the time and weather getting stuck sometimes I still think this is a great app, just wanted to know if there is an ETA on the new version thanks.

  28. The time on the widget is behind, example currently 1:44 pm top right phone widget says 1:20 pm. If I auto refresh manually the time will correct it self. Have the widget to refresh every 15 minutes. Have app killer on my phone. What can I do to fix this?

  29. I hope custom date format!

  30. I was able to download it even though it said it was discontinued. But the weather widget is not appearing with the clock. Is the intentional?

    • The widget is no long available for download from the Android Market. If you have trouble with the weather, please read the FAQ page.

  31. 3 months and still nothing… god damn it, what the hell are you doing devs? is the new project over?

    • This is an excellent way to discourage the devs.
      If you want a new FW chill out and be patient, and ask nicely if you want updated info …

      • Sorry about the long wait. Just so you know, I’m not a full-time developer, so I have only limited time to work on this project. But rest assured, the project is still under active development. Here are some latest updates to share with you guys. We are not just replacing the theme/skin in the new version. In fact, I have re-written a large part of the code, so the new version should be more stable. It has more features and adapts better to different devices. Currently, the coding is almost done, and I’m waiting for another member of our team for his help with the new theme. Once we get that new theme done, we plan to do some more internal testing, and we will be able to release the new widget. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. So stay tuned!

  32. If anybody needs the FW file, e-mail me at and Ill send it over ASAP 🙂

  33. I recently installed FW and love the look (at least the clock looks super), but I’m not getting weather at all. No weather images on the widget itself and no weather forecast when the lower part of widget (where the weather icons should be) is tapped. I do get a popup reading: “Weather Forecast – No forecast details found”.

    Is the weather forecast side of the application still functional?

    Thanks in advance for the information,


  34. Please make it compatible with QVGA screens.
    The text info exceeds the clocks background curtain

  35. Ahh I love Android so much. My I9000 is way better with Android 2.2 (froyo) than eclair. But still i cant wait for the new samsung nexus s and elite

  36. Best version of fancy widget. Identical to htc sense widget

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