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Fancy Widget on Today’s Gizmodo App Deals Of The Day List

Just another piece of news to share with our FW fans:

Today, FW is featured on Gizmodo's App-Deals-Of-The-Day list: (<-  a good place to find other great apps).

Seeing us being listed along with other famous apps on a site like Gizmodo is a great encouragement for us, especially considering we just released the new FW for only 3 days! We couldn't achieve this without all our fans' support! We'll definitely keep up with our work, and  try our best to fulfill users' requests. We already have a few "treats" ready for you in the coming update, so again, stay tuned 🙂 ... and oh, don't hesitate to share this news with your fellow android-loving friends~

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  1. Congratulations on your successful comeback 🙂

    Looks like your FW has now become a unique clock&weather app of choice ^.^