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Fancy Widget v2.0.1 Released

Here is some holiday treat for our FW users. A new version is now available for download in the Android Market. This

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update brings a bunch of new customization options and bug fixes. Here's what's new:

  • New: widget style option. Now you can choose from two styles to your own taste. The original style is dubbed as "classic", and a new digital clock style is introduced,
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    where the weather icon is placed below the clock. You can find a screenshot of the new widget style below. Just go to the settings screen to pick the one you like better.

  • New: long date format option. With this option, you will see full week and month names instead of abbreviated names. The screenshot below also shows the date in long format.
  • New: show week number option. If you enable this option, the current week number will be displayed after the date.
  • New: temperature format option. This option affects the way temperatures are displayed in the weather forecast screen. You can choose from H/L or L/H. The default format is now set to H/L.
  • New: use metric option. Enable this option to use SI unit (e.g., kph) instead of US unit (e.g., mph).
  • Updated Danish and Dutch translations. Thanks Gert Nielsen and Jan-Willem van Velzen for helping with the localization.
  • Tweaked the widget layout so that it is slightly bigger in the classic style.
  • Tweaked the layout of the forecast screen.
  • Fixed weather icons for the fog condition.
  • Fixed some FC and other bugs.

Here's a screenshot showcasing the new widget style:

That's it for now. Please feel free to post any suggestions or bug reports in the comments.

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  1. I love the new widget style, it’s exactly what i wanted.

    BUT, why is the weather so damn small in the new style?? I like big icons for weather but it’s at least 20% smaller in the new style than in the new one. Please fix it or at least make it configurable.

    When you don’t know what decision to make, “make it configurable” is always the way to go 🙂

    Thanks for a great widget.

    • The weather icon is smaller on mdpi devices, so I think it has to do with your customized dpi setting. On a mdpi screen, there is not enough space on the screen for a larger icon with the new style. Maybe I can try to shrink the clock and make the icon larger.

    • Anyway….. this is the least of my problems. The most important, and the only one that I want solved (if i had to choose) is the problem with that big big space on the sides.

  2. Here are the screenshots just so I can be sure there is no confusion.

    That’s with the same dpi settings. Does it think it’s a mdpi device only with the new layout?

    So, as i’ve said, i customized the dpi from 240 to 180, but that translates with more room for everything, because everything is smaller now (… that being the opposite of a mdpi device right? I’m missing something.

  3. I LOVE this widget…
    But I notice the battery life is shorter since I installed it… Could it be possible or it is just my imagination?
    I just upgraded to the latest version, I am talking about 2.0.

    It consumes 2min CPU in 24hs and 14mb of ram.

    BTW, As i said I love it.

    • The widget should be light on system resources. Can you see the widget in your battery usage list? How much battery does it consume? 5%? 10%?

      • I have activated the background monitoring for FW, I will give you a feedback tomorrow.
        I turned off the phone and lost the history 😀

        • 20:30h monitoring:

          Total CPU Time 52s
          Battery: 4%
          Max ram: 16mb
          Min ram: 10.5mb

          The weird thing is it consumes almost 10% of CPU every hour and a half more or less..

          • my CPU consumption for fancy widget during 1 day:

            • 24mb memory usage. I have android 1.6 (xperia x10 mini) maybe that is the difference.

              • That might be the reason. On pre-Eclair systems, the refresh service is registered as a foreground service to prevent the service from being killed by the system when it is low on resources. Doing this may contribute to higher resource usage, but it’s my guess. That API has changed since Eclair, so that a service cannot be registered as foreground without a notification.

                • Well, the Eclair roll out for x10 family will start this night, so I hope the upgrade in the next 2 weeks.

  4. Please add option to hide the clock

  5. BTW, the new configuration options “appearance settings” are not translated to spanish I can help with that if you need just email me.

    • The language files are ported from the old version, so the translation for some new phrases are missing. Thanks for offering help, but the original contributor who did the Spanish translation is already working to bring the translation up to date.

  6. TY4the update.

    I really like the long date format. It fills up the space nicely on my phone.

    I have one thing about the appearance of the widget, which differs from yours or others. The classic style on my Orange San Francisco(3.5”,480×800) has its weather icon aligned just behind the clock. I mean the clock overlaps the weather icon and I really like it a lot 🙂 I just realised it is not the case for your phone and others. lol

    Same thing happens for the new clock style but this time the weather icon is in front and obstruct the look of the clock itself. I, therefore, love the classic clock style ^.^

    Please keep it up 🙂


    • The weather icon is supposed not to overlap (or slightly overlap) with the clock, depending on how much space there is on your screen. The icon should never obstruct the clock, and I’ve fixed the bug so that even if they do overlap, it will be beneath the clock.

      • Mine overlaps too and I agree, the weather needs to be underneath the clock for the new style as it is for the classic style..

        I think it happens because I have Launcher Pro set to have 5×5 rows of icons and have manually stretched the widget to 5×2

        • That makes sense. When you resize the widget, there may not be enough space so the icon overlaps with the clock. I’ve fixed the layer order issue and you’ll see it in the next update.

        • Thank you for the response Daz. It’s good to know that I’m not alone, at least 😉

          FYI, I’m using Launcher Pro too. You said you stretched FW manually and I guess that is the paid version as my overlap case is not due to widget size adjustment.

          As Dennis replied, we can rest assured to see this fix in the next FW update 🙂

          Thank you Dennis 🙂


          • I have the same overlapping issue withholding launcher pro.
            I’m using a 5×4 layout (h,w) without any other resizing. Classic shows clock over weather icon, which looks nice. New layout is reversed with weather above.
            Other than that I think an optional bounding box around (or behind) the clock would look good.
            Also the date up top in the new layout doesn’t look right, maybe just too much empty space? Not a bug, just visual appeal.
            Also, it would be nice to be able to adjust the font for the clock (and maybe other parts, separately).
            Just tossing out some ideas.

            • If you use the long date format (or enable week number), the date would fill up the space nicely. The numbers used in the clock are pictures, not plain text, so they cannot be customized in the same way. You will be able to customize it through skins when we add skin support later.

  7. Love the widget. Can we have the long date in European format as well with day and then month and then year?

    • The language files are ported from the old FW, and some of them do not fully support the new version. The long date format may not be available for certain languages at this time. We are waiting/looking for translation contributors to bring the language files up to date.

  8. I really like the new FW. The font used for displaying the time is really ugly though. Please change it as I think it doesn’t fit the widget’s style at all. I know the font is used on the lockscreen as well but it’s still ugly. The font used for all the other information would be a better fit I guess.

    In exchange for such an option I could do a German translation if necessary.

    • I very much like the font. And I could do the German translation too.

      To ask for an option to change the font is understandable, but to ask for the font that thousands like to be change, is not.

  9. Any way to remove the giant clock from the skin… leaving only the date and weather? Or could something like this be implemented in the next version?

  10. Are there any plans to address the shadow effect around the weather icons when using alternative launchers like Launcher Pro? I really like your widget quite a bit, but the shadow stands out a lot!

    • The shadow seems to be gone when you try to slide the screen. I don’t know how to address this issue at this moment. It could be some graphics optimization introduced by Fede in LP. I tried a few other widgets with LP, and the shadow is also there.

  11. Great work on this application.
    Awesome widget.

    One request tho…

    Is it possible for the widget to utilise a localised weather site when it links rather that the “weather channel”. i.e for the UK,


    • It would be easy to just link to a certain website. However, in order to display weather information for your specific city, some parameters are usually required to pass to the URL. So the issue is different website may need different parameters or different parameter format, so we need to find that out for each localized weather website.

  12. Awesome work, thanks!i!

  13. I love your clock, the best on the market. I have only one request, could you make the sun a little darker like on the evo (more orange).

  14. Can you make the sun darker like on the evos. (More orange)

  15. Hi Dennis 🙂

    I just found out that there is no update timestamp for FW in the weather forecast view. By this, I meant there is no way to know whether the forecast has been updated yet: if not, when was that etc.

    Please consider adding this too. Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    • You can find the refresh status (time of last refresh and scheduled next refresh) in the settings screen.

      • Thank you for your reply Dennis 🙂

        Well, I saw that but is there any way to put it in the forecast view? 🙂 IMHO, a glance at this would be more practical.


        • The forecast view is already sorta crowded, especially on a ldpi screen (e.g., HTC Tatto/Wildfire). Maybe I can re-use the tip area at the bottom and put the update time as another tip.

  16. Can we have a version that is clock free? A single line widget option for just the weather?

  17. Hello

    I really like this app but if it had a 4×1 widget as for example beautiful widget I would use it.


  18. hi Dennis. Great work! I’ve noticed that the danish translations sucks though 🙂 If you need any help with that, just mail me – will be happy to help 🙂

    • I don’t know any Danish, but I’m getting help from another Danish user. Maybe you can cooperate on the translation and work things out if you’re not satisfied with what’s currently there.

  19. Can we have the option to change the clock numbers colour instead of boring white, this would make it unique to HTC…….

  20. I made the mistake of uninstalling the old, or classic FW to accomodate the new. Is there any way I could download the classic, so I can switch between the two? I have to admit, I like the new updates, but am partial to the classic “flip” clock.

  21. I really like the new fancy widget, but i could be improved. Is there a possibility to have different levels of transparency for the background? Could it be possible to change the clock font type?

  22. Maybe I’m missing something. I have the old version and the new version. When I try to switch appearance in the settings to the old version nothing changes? What am I missing?