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Fancy Widget v2.0.2 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget has just hit the Android Market. Here's what's new:

  • New: forecast tap action. This is similar to clock/date/weather tap action. It controls the action taken when you tap on the weather icons within the forecast view. The default action is to launch the mobile website. You may launch a custom website or bind any app like TWC or WeatherBug to the weather icons.
  • New: custom forecast website. Instead of launching the mobile website, you can now specify any URL as your forecast website. You need to use this option together with forecast tap action.
  • New: more date info. With this option, you will be able to see additional information appended to the end of the date on the widget. The "show week number" option introduced in the last version has been merged into this option. You can also see day number, the current battery level, or even the time of your next alarm.
  • New: solid forecast background option. The option allows you to set the background of the forecast view to solid black, if you don't like the semi-transparent window.
  • Added the last weather update time to the tip area at the bottom of the forecast view.
  • Fixed sunrise/sunset time. They will also
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    be displayed in 24 hour format, if you choose to use this format for the clock.

  • Fixed widget layout. The weather icon will not obstruct the clock for the new widget style. The widget will take up the whole row under customized dpi settings.
  • Updated Portuguese, Korean and French translations. Thanks Erick Petrucelli, YoungHoon Park, and Stephane Balmy.
  • Added Romanian translation. Thanks to Eduard Stan.
  • New app icon.

That's it. Just head over to the market and grab the update. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or bug reports.

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  1. A feature I would love to see is the ability to change the font of the clock. Is this possible or would we have to change the system font?

  2. Thank you very much for adding “last refresh time&date” in your forecast view. It is very handy indeed ^.^ I would like to also thank you for moving the weather icon to the back of the clock. It no longer obstructs my clock and becomes simply beautiful for both layouts 🙂

    Please keep up your good work. I can’t wait when you integrate skin suppoort feature in your future version. Please also keep FW as unique as it is because there are too many Sense-like widgets already.

    Have a good weekend Dennis (and the gang, as the case maybe) 😀

  3. I downloaded the latest update on my Samsung Captivate. The widget will no longer run on my screen. All I get is the message “Problem loading widget”.

    My phone is stock with no modifications and I am using TouchWiz. The other on this home page is CalWidget.

    Please contact me so this can be fixed.

  4. Nice looking widget. I’d like the ability to only show the weather graphics and remove/hide the clock. Thanks

  5. I love the widget and am grateful for all the work you put into it. Can’t wait for different style of numbers/skins. I loved the look til the gf said the clock looked retro…

  6. To all the Danish followers i have made a spreadsheet so we all can make the danish translations so sharp as possible.

    The link is: Fancy Widget DK –

    If you make some changes, so please add them in the column “Suggested DK translations”.


  7. Hi Dennis 🙂

    I just found a bug in automatic update in FW. I set 30-minute automatic refresh but it does not update at all. I made sure my 3G connection was up and running but that keeps happening. I can see the next refresh time but it is simply ignored. I just noticed it today thanks to your latest “last update time” feature.

    Please keep us updated on this 🙂 Thank you very much in advance.

    Have a good weekend all ;D

    • This is not a bug. The widget will not update the weather while the phone is asleep. However, if the scheduled update time has passed, the widget will update the next time you wake up your phone. This makes sense because you most likely don’t care about weather updates if you are not looking at your phone. This design decision is made to save battery.

      • TY4ur reply Dennis. I understand your point of battery saving and how it works once the update time has passed.

        But, IMHO, the purpose of scheduled update is not fulfilled that way. This is simply because when the phone wakes up, I have to have it awake for, say, 30 minutes to get the update. This does not make sense to me because it has to be awake for another 30 minutes for me to get the update. I definitely manually update it before that time comes and that’s what I do every time before I decided to write my previous comment. Please correct me if I misunderstand at any point.

        I find other weather apps strictly update the weather regardless of the sleep time.


        • The widget should do an immediate update when you wake up your phone, if the scheduled update time has already passed. Say the scheduled update time is 4pm and your refresh interval is set to 30 minutes, but you wake up you phone at 4:15pm, then the widget should perform the update at 4:15pm, instead of waiting till 4:45pm. Hope this clears up any confusion.

        • Also note that the update process can take from a few seconds to a minute. So you need to wait for a little while to get the update after unlocking your phone.

          • Thank you for your quick reply. I now fully understand why my FW does not update immediately. I use “Juice Defender” and set it to turn on 3G 5 mins every 30 mins. I do not turn the option to have “constantly on” while the screen is on. Most of the time, the phone is asleep and no update on FW can happen due to the design to save energy.

            FYI, I have my E-mail and RSS feeds sync in place this way while the phone is sleeping. I thought it might be possible to have FW running at sleep time too but it didn’t as you explained earlier. I love when I turn the phone back on and find everything ready for me to start my day plus saving my battery, of course. Please could you add this little option in your app.

            I’d imagine having something like “bypassing or overrriding sleep time” will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance ^^


  8. Works perfectly very nice job thanks for all the hard work you have put into it!

  9. hey, how is it that the weather stuff is positioned above the clock in one of the screenshots? where’s the setting for that?

  10. I don’t see the weather icon and no forcasts are displayed.. why?

  11. Where is the “Sense” skin??? 🙁

  12. Well, I’m not sure the update is the reason of the bug, but: for the last few days my location is not ‘Moscow’, as it should be, but ‘Hotel Moskva’. How do I fix that?

    ( there is a hotel of that name in Moscow, but I’m far from it, and it should not show up as my location anyway, I suppose )

  13. Great work. I have one question. Is it possible to hide clock and keep only the weather?


  14. Is there any updates in the works to animate the weather icons in Fancy Widget. That would make it even better than it already is….

  15. Knock – Knock… Sense clock come back!!!

  16. I have my location set manually and I do not use my GPS to track my location. The weather icon does not match the actual weather in my area. Like today, it is overcast, but my weather icon says clear and sunny. Is there anything I need to do for this to be more accurate.

  17. Excellent app – just what I was looking for – droid2

  18. Can’t get new skins to work…they don’t show up in weather skins…can’t unzipped

  19. i use juice defender and it seems to stop the widget from updating, would it be possible to get it to make an autosync account, or am i just stuck manually updating it?

  20. For the custom URL, are there replacement strings to insert, e.g. the location into the URL?
    (brilliant feature BTW)