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Fancy Widget v2.0.3 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget has just arrived at the Android Market. Here's what's new:

  • New: wake up for update option. This option is related to how the auto-refresh mechanism works. You might have noticed that in previous versions, the widget often does not update the weather at the exact interval that you select. This is because the widget does not perform the update if the phone is asleep. The update would be delayed until the device wakes up later, say when you unlock your phone. This makes sense because you most likely don't care about weather updates when you are not actually looking at your phone. The design decision was made to conserve battery. Now with this new option, you can force the widget to wake up the device and update the weather at your set interval. Please note that the widget will probably use more battery if you enable this option.
  • New tap action: do nothing. You may have to go to the settings and re-config your clock/date/weather/forecast tap actions.
  • New date formats. A few new formats are added, where the month, day, and year numbers are separated by dots (e.g., 11.12.2010).
  • Fixed an issue with auto refresh. When the weather update fails, the widget will not automatically retry later if auto-refresh is disabled.
  • Updated German translation. Thanks Max Jürgens.

That's it for now. Again, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or bug reports.

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  1. Great update again! Highly impressed, but can we change weather providers, Google’s weather is constantly out and there servers are down most time’s.. thanks and keep up great work!

  2. German translation: please replace Ladezustand with Akku cause it’s too long.

  3. Not sure if it’s possible, but I’d love to see a “severe weather alert” similar to what the weather channel app does.

  4. A bug I found. Fancy Widget causes the GPS to activate when the phone boots up even though “Use GPS location” is unchecked.

    • Some more details: Samsung Epic 4G (Android 2.1); But I just flashed a beta of Android 2.2 and the GPS doesn’t search for a signal at startup anymore.

      • Are you sure it was FW that activated your GPS on boot? Could it be caused by other apps or widgets?

        • If I delete the FW widget and reboot, the GPS is not activated. If I put it back on the homescreen and reboot, the GPS activates.

          • Yes, this also applies to me!

            HTC Desire, Oxygen Rom.

            Once i uninstall FW, GPS stays off.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful app. Was there any smooth transition set when returning to homescreen from weather. There doesn’t seem to be on my phone the screen just “pops” back to home.

  6. really cool….love it

  7. Thank you for adding the “wake up for refresh” feature in your latest update ^^ I really like FW more 🙂

    Is it possible to change text color of the clock because I found only widget’s one?


  8. Great app 🙂

    Should be possible to have your widget but smaller (1×4)?

    For example as beautiful widget does. You have same information but in half space.


  9. Use a service other than Google for the current temp/weather would make Fancy Widget PERFECT!! I have been stuck at 28 degrees for 12 hours yet accuweather says it 45 degrees.

  10. Hi
    First of all, I love this aplication!
    But yesterday I updated to 2.0.3 (on my huawey – android 2.1) and suddenly I couldn’t launch any widget!
    it says “android home process.launcher has stoped”.
    Could it be related to the update?

  11. With new update when you hit the weather icon it no longer gose to the weather it doesn’t do anything was this because of the update?
    Keep up the awesome work.

    • As described in the release notes, there’s a new tap action: do nothing. So you may have to go to the settings (from the app drawer) and re-config your tap actions.

  12. Never mind…..I got it had to check it under weather. Update must of reset it. Love the app.

  13. Hi,
    The formating of the date is incorrect in the French locale (and maybe with other locales too).
    It is using the English format instead of the French format : “, ” instead of ” ”
    I don’t know if this formatting can be changed within the translation files

    • note to self : don’t use the greater sign and sign lesser sign to denote the name of the fields cause they were eaten up
      the quotes should read “day-name, month-name day-number” and “Day-name day-number month-name” 🙂

    • I’m not sure what the date format should be in different locales. And yes, they are specified in the translation files.

  14. how to download ?

  15. Hi,

    very nice BUT …

    – wish to change the time color too
    – wish to change “time” scale – its tooooo big
    – wish to avtivate/deactivate(dont visible) time … when you cant change “time” scale can use another tool for it
    – change Ladezustand in Akku or bestter give us a menu with “Akku”/”%”/off(only number visible)

    That will improve this best weather/time app ive seen

    Greets from Germany – Rizle

    • Thanks for all the suggestions.

      – The clock will be customizable through skins in the future
      – There will be clock/weather only widgets
      – The “Ladezustand” is specified in the German translation file. If you would like to help improve the translation, please visit this link:

  16. Great update. It does seem to be consuming much more battery than it used to though (Droid X). Its #2 on the consumption list only behind the display. Thanks!

    • That’s weird. For me, it consumes less than 2% battery, and is not even in the battery usage list. Could you share your settings for the widget?

      • I had my polling set up for 1 hr (which it was before the update also). During the time the widget registered 14% battery use, I was on a WiFi network doing some game playing and the phone sitting idle/blank screen 75% of the time.

        Since then, I changed the widget to 2 hr polling and now the battery is back where I would expect it to be (2%). Don’t know if that’s a fluke that my usage was that high or if it really makes that big of a difference between 1 hr and 2. I’ll continue to monitor and see what happens.

        Here are my settings for reference:
        Clock settings
        Use 24-hour format = false
        Date format = Short
        More date info = none
        Weather settings
        Use my location = true
        Use GPS location = true (my GPS is turned on)
        Temperature format = H/L
        Use Celsius = false
        Use Metric = false
        Refresh settings
        Auto-refresh = true
        Refresh interval = 1 hr (now set to 2 and seems to be normal battery use)
        Wake up for refresh = false
        Appearance settings
        Hide widget background = false
        Hide weather icon = false
        Widget style = Digital clock (new)
        Solid forecast background = false
        Advanced settings
        Clock tap action = Launch config screen
        Date tap action = Launch config screen
        Weather tap action = Launch weather forecast
        Forecast tap action = Launch default forecast website
        Automatic sunrise/sunset = true

        • Your settings look good to me. Setting the refresh interval to one hour should be fine. Can you set it back to one hour and see how it goes? Turning off the use GPS location option may help save some battery, especially if you don’t travel much. On another note, the widget can sometimes be affected by external factors, like the launcher (which serves as the host of all widgets) or your other phone settings.

          • I think you’re right… there were probably external factors involved. It continues to run normally now and is working great. Thanks much!

  17. I dont wanna talk bad about “Dennis” and his German, but please change the Translation … i made
    “clear” doesnt meen “Nichts” … and so on

    – One more thing to think (sry for my english)
    why is day ->”360 Day” and not “Thursday”
    … i wanna now which day of the week it is not the day of this year ^^

    • The German translation is not done by me. Other users from Germany helped with the localization. The date format (long and short) are also specified in the language translation file. I don’t know the right date format in German, but in English, you will see something like “Sun, Nov 14”. The day number is one of the options for “More date info” that will be appended at the end of the date. It is meant to be “day of the year”, not “day of the week”.

      • No prob ^^
        i dont understadn what you mean with H/N or N/H … google cant help
        Can you eventually a option to show the day of the week.
        You are Dennis … iam idiot dont see it ^^

        • In English, the temperature format can be H/L or L/H, where H stands for high and L stands for L. I guess H/N and N/H are the translations in German. If you look into the translations, you will see something like “EEE, MMM d”. Here “EEE” represents the day of the week in your language (e.g., Sun).

  18. one more … the chance to change language in menu

  19. NOW ready with the German part and hope you change it ^^

  20. I’m not sure the weather temp is correct. I am looking at accuweather & and it does not match the widget screen even after updating? The clock is correct and I love the battery % next to the date. This is a major concern……

  21. I don’t usually bother to comment, but it’s really beautiful! Thanks! Everything I wanted on my front page..

  22. Really stupid question.

    DL’ed and installed OK, tapped on fw icon, and got settings screen.

    But how do I start the widget? When I press the home button, I get to my current screen.

    I’m on a SamSung Galaxy S unter t-mobile as the vibrant. Running Eclair.UVJ16 Kernel 2.6.29 Firmware 2.1-Update 1

    Sorry to be such a brick…


  23. For the past couple of releases when I woke up my Nexus One, instead of the widget showing time and weather, instead see a black bar with the text “Problem loading widget” displayed. Rebooting the phone usually restores the proper display.

    Any suugetions or ideas?


  24. When will we start seeing some skins dennis?

  25. Love this program, and really like the new option to show the battery level. But I find I really miss the tap option that lets me see the upcoming few days of weather and will let me refresh when I want to. Any plans to bring that feature back?

    • Because of the new tap action “do nothing”, you may need to go to the settings and re-config your weather/clock/date tap actions.

  26. Downloaded widget…don’t have the animations…wiper blade…rain..etc. Is it stil on this version?

  27. Thanks your widjet.That’s very good. But widjet size is large. Can you make small size,or make option for small?
    Thank you.

  28. Which widget has those animations Dennis? They are standard on the HTC…

    • The HTC Sense clock/weather widget has animations. But I assume the animations will be disabled if you remove all those HTC widgets from your home screen.

  29. please help to solve the time problem. its not updating when in idle mode. done reinstalling and rebooting my phone(milestone xt720)… thanks

  30. I cannot figure out the difference of weather tap action and forecast tap action. i.e. On which areas of the screen does one tap to get to the weather vs the forecast?

  31. Great wiget.. With moon phases it will be perfect

  32. I love your app would it be possible to add the animated weather like the clouds and rain that comes accros the screen like on the htc hero its weather animations match current weather conditions…that would be awesome

  33. I lost the battery level when I updated. Also, I would like to know if you could make the wigget a bit smaller/shorter.

    • Just go to the settings screen and turn on “show battery level” in clock settings. If you get the pro version, there are a few smaller widgets (e.g., 4×1).

  34. I tried installing the new weather and clock skins using the instuctions provided on the website. Can’t locate these skins within the App

  35. I notice in the forecast there is Thursday listed. The forecast goes from Wednesday then to Friday when reviewing the forecast on a Thursday. I would expect to today and the next four days.

  36. everything’s fine except that i cannot see what day is today… it would be perfect if add it on

  37. Can we have the option to disable the location and H/L numbers.
    I want to just put the weather in small 1×1 or 2×2 and the texts and numbers overlaps on my weather.

    • The fancy weather widget included in the pro version seems to be close to what you described. Placing all the texts and numbers on top of the weather icon doesn’t sound a very good idea though.

  38. I have my settings adjusted to automatically update when I unlock my fone, but it doesn’t . Is this a glitch with the app or do I not have something set right? Please reply to my email. Thanks

    • You need to wait for a minute or two for the weather to update. Also note that the widget will not update if the last update was within 15 minutes.

  39. Hello ppl. What’s up.