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Fancy Widget v2.1.2 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.2 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget has just hit the Android Market. Here's what the new version brings:

For all users:

  • New option: refresh on unlock. By turning on this option, the widget would automatically refresh when the device is unlocked. However, it will not refresh if the last update was performed less than 15 minutes ago.
  • New option: background transparency. You must have the SD card mounted on your device to use this feature. The transparency will be reset to 100% every time you apply a new clock skin.
  • Added alternative geocoder. When the stock Android geocoder fails, an alternative geocoder based on GeoNames API will be used automatically. This leads to improved location updates.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause the widget to stop auto updates after reboots.
  • Fixed missing weather icons for conditions such as Snow Grains, Blowing Snow, Freezing Fog, etc.
  • Added Czech and Swedish translations.
  • Built with Gingerbread SDK.
  • Other bug fixes.

For pro users only:

Update: The new v2.1.2.1 (v1.0.2.1 for pro) fixes unlock refresh and long date format in Russian.

Update: Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.2.2 fixes skin downloading issues under Gingerbread. On a side note, there seems to be a bug in Gingerbread that messed up the skin downloading progress, so I had to use a non-standard HTTP header field to get around this issue. Hopefully, Google will fix this bug in a future system update.

The skin dev guide has also been updated. Please download it here: Skin Developer’s Guide. Instead of a single widget background image, you can now use four different images for different widgets sizes and screen orientations. If you are a skin developer and submitted some clock skins before, you are encouraged to update them and send the new versions to us.

Again, here are a few new skins for all our users.


Golden Clock

Cool Blue

Enjoy, and happy holidays!


Fancy Widget v2.1.1 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.1 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget is now available in the Android Market. Here's what's new:

For all users:

  • New option: adjust day/week number. You can specify an offset to be added to or subtracted from the current day or week number. Set the "Extra information" option to show day/week number to enable this option.
  • Fixed a weather auto-refresh issue when refresh option is not set to "Always".
  • Dropped the word "Battery" appended to the date, so only the percentage will be displayed for the battery level.
  • Fixed missing weather icons for the following conditions: Light Drizzle, Moderate Drizzle, Moderate Rain, Moderate Freezing Rain, Moderate Snow, Moderate Snow Showers, and Snow Storm.
  • Added Croatian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Slovenian translations. Thanks to everyone who helped with the translation.
  • Other bug fixes.

For pro users only:

  • New: weather forecast widget. This is a new 4x1 widget that displays a 4/5 day weather forecast.
  • Fixed a force close bug when launching the FW market on Xperia x10 devices.
  • Fixed the battery display issue with the flip clock style.
  • Fixed the flip clock widget style with the TouchWiz launcher on Samsung Galaxy S phones. The location and date will no longer get cut off.
  • Fixed a temperature display issue with the flip clock style.
  • Improved unlock animations. The unlock weather animations now works with the third-party lockscreen WidgetLocker.
  • Prevented pictures in the cache directory from being listed in the Gallery app.
  • More skins added to the FW market.

Besides the updates, I also finished the skin dev guide that I promised, and it is now available for download here: FancyWidget Skin Developer’s Guide

If you are a skin developer and would like to create skins for FW, please read the guide and follow the provided instructions. You are also more than welcome to submit your skins to us to be listed on our website or in the FW market.

Finally, here are some new skins for all users to download.

Green Android

Grey Minimal