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Fancy Widget v2.1.1 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.1 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget is now available in the Android Market. Here's what's new:

For all users:

  • New option: adjust day/week number. You can specify an offset to be added to or subtracted from the current day or week number. Set the "Extra information" option to show day/week number to enable this option.
  • Fixed a weather auto-refresh issue when refresh option is not set to "Always".
  • Dropped the word "Battery" appended to the date, so only the percentage will be displayed for the battery level.
  • Fixed missing weather icons for the following conditions: Light Drizzle, Moderate Drizzle, Moderate Rain, Moderate Freezing Rain, Moderate Snow, Moderate Snow Showers, and Snow Storm.
  • Added Croatian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Slovenian translations. Thanks to everyone who helped with the translation.
  • Other bug fixes.

For pro users only:

  • New: weather forecast widget. This is a new 4x1 widget that displays a 4/5 day weather forecast.
  • Fixed a force close bug when launching the FW market on Xperia x10 devices.
  • Fixed the battery display issue with the flip clock style.
  • Fixed the flip clock widget style with the TouchWiz launcher on Samsung Galaxy S phones. The location and date will no longer get cut off.
  • Fixed a temperature display issue with the flip clock style.
  • Improved unlock animations. The unlock weather animations now works with the third-party lockscreen WidgetLocker.
  • Prevented pictures in the cache directory from being listed in the Gallery app.
  • More skins added to the FW market.

Besides the updates, I also finished the skin dev guide that I promised, and it is now available for download here: FancyWidget Skin Developer’s Guide

If you are a skin developer and would like to create skins for FW, please read the guide and follow the provided instructions. You are also more than welcome to submit your skins to us to be listed on our website or in the FW market.

Finally, here are some new skins for all users to download.

Green Android

Grey Minimal



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  1. Graphic glitch is fixed for me. I like the Croatian language too. Great job! But is there any way to make the unlock animation appear faster after the unlock and fade out?

    P.S. My weather refresh settings are on 1 hour and always, but yet, when I manually refresh, the weather changes. That leads me to believe that it’s not refreshing correctly (automatically).

    • I will try to improve animations in future updates.

      If you use WeatherBug as the provider, it is possible that they update their weather database more frequently than your automatic refreshes. Sometimes, they update the weather information a few times within one hour. Google Weather seems to have much lower weather update frequency.

      • What is the best refresh setting? Please tell πŸ™‚

        • You should decide for yourself the best refresh setting. Use a shorter refresh interval if you care a lot about the latest weather information. But it would also use more battery.

  2. Great! Excelent work, everything works fine now in x10 mini.

  3. What should the file names be for Light Drizzle, Moderate Drizzle, Moderate Rain, Moderate Freezing Rain, Moderate Snow, Moderate Snow Showers, and Snow Storm? And should there be two versions for each one, one for “day” and one for “night”?

    • Multiple weather conditions are mapped to the same weather icon in the skin pack. For example, Light Drizzle shares the same icon as Moderate Drizzle. For naming conventions, please refer to the skin dev guide.

  4. hi, Croat here also πŸ™‚ … can you explain the thing with Widget Locker ? what was wrong coz’ me on galaxyS didn’t see the problem,

    furthermore… 4 day weather widget is excellent addition but with “Oscilloscope” skin there is no offset from the border of background and top of weather icons, nothing much but it looks a little strange.

    little later … yea it’s for every skin i tried, in my opinion it would be okay to remove 2 pixels from the bottom and add it to the top πŸ™‚

    will come back later

    • In the previous version, unlock animations won’t work with WidgetLocker when you unlock the screen. This issue has been fixed in the update.

      I just tested the Oscilloscope skin and I did see a few pixels free at the bottom of the forecast widget.

  5. Hi, I’m using fancy widget pro, and ever since I installed it it shows wrong temperature when in metric/centigrade mode.

    Currently the H: says -10C, L: says -11C and current says +3C which definitly isn’t right. The H: and L: shows the right temp, but not the current temperature. I have confirmed with several friends also running Android and they all have the same problem. We are located in Norway if that matters.

    Thanks for an otherwise great widget! πŸ™‚

    • It might be that the weather information from WeatherBug is incorrect in this case. You may try to switch the provider to Google Weather and see if you get the correct temperature.

  6. I noticed weird temperatures too. Did you check Weatherbug website? Because they have some weird ideas about location.
    Let say for my example, I live in Idrija Slovenia, let’s say it’s in the hills, and the weather shown is from Pula Croatia seaside. So the temperature is not right of course.

    Anyway, any chance of adding Accuweather to the options? I find their service great.

  7. I get the same fault when using both weatherbug and google weather so it seem to be a software-bug in the widget.

    • May I know what city you are in? I would like to run some tests to see the issue. If you don’t want to post it here, you can send it via email.

  8. Using x10, installed 2.1.1, applying clock skin doesn’t display tab.png, whatever skin I use. Just trasparent background.

  9. Yeah accuweather weather way better. Dev says can’t be implemented.. such a shame.. Google and weather bug temp’s way off..beautiful widgets and fancy widgets combined would be the bomb!

  10. The widget is great, but yeah accuweather would be great. Other providers aren’t accurate enough.. the dev said it can’t be done, such a shame…

  11. Just install fancy pro unable to see weather on the home screen or config page on my Verizon Droid Arriest works great on my EVO

  12. Dennis, there is no icon, animation and translation for Moderate freezing fog

  13. This is a great application. One thing I would like to see is for the app to display the text of what the weather will be for the current day when you tap on the weather part of the widget. Having to navigate through kind of defeats the purpose of having a widget.

  14. There is no translation for “30% Chance Rain Shower”

  15. i love the app, but …
    i would like to see a 2×4 widget that combines the 1×4 Home widget with the 1×4 forecast widget to one widget without the ugly gap between if you group it together by yourself.
    would this a possibility in the future?

    • Well, there can be a number of combinations with the current widgets, and other users might complain that the app becomes bloated if I include the combinations. However, I’ll consider doing certain combination if there is enough demand.

  16. I’m using the latest version of Fancy Widget (v2.1.1) on Galaxy S. The widget is unable to retrieve the weather details. I’ve restarted my phone & verified that WiFi & 2G/3G is working fine. When I click on the empty space where the weather icon is supposed to appear, I see a message “Weather forecast is not available at this time.”

    Please suggest a solution.

    • Can you see your location on the widget? Does manual refresh work?

      • Yes, it shows my location correctly, tried manual refresh as well. I ended up reinstalling the app to make it work. I think this problem can be reproduced if the widget is installed when there is no data connection (WiFi or 3G). Anyway, its working fine now. Thx.

  17. There is no icon and no polish translation for “Light snow grains”

  18. What if I have pro version 1.0.0 how do I update to this version 1.0.1

  19. I can’t download any skin, when I tap on download, it writes “Download skin failed”. Can you help me?

  20. A bit of a strange request, but using FW Pro, on the Home widget, would it be possible to create an option to hide the date, and hide the location when using a flip clock skin?

    Things look a bit cramped on my screen, and I can only see about half of those lines of text.

    • What device are you using?

      • Galaxy S i9000. I’m using Launcher Pro with 5 homescreen rows.

        Not exactly the most ideal configuration, but works for me apart from this minor ‘issue’

        • If you are using the 5 icon row option in LauncherPro, there is not enough space for the widget to display all the information. You need to resize the widget using LP to see everything.

          • Yeah, I understand that – but when it’s only 2 bits of ‘useless’ information I don’t need to see, I’d rather keep another row free for icons than have that information displayed. :p

            If there was just a way to hide those bits of information, I’d be a happy man. Is there a way to create a fully skinnable layout, not just images?

            Thanks though.

            • There will be options to hide certain information in future updates. Unfortunately, you can’t change the layout from skins. The Android framework does not support that, probably for performance reasons.

  21. Thanks a lot for this widget, it’s really great πŸ™‚

    a small request though, that would be awesome to be able to :

    show/hide the date
    show/hide the place/text weather
    show/hide the temperatures

    so we can have (if we want), only the time + weather icon πŸ™‚
    or date + time + weather icon

    etc …

    I would be really happy to see this option added.

    Bye !

    • (but hiding one of the previous things I said should not remove the ability to use the shortcuts in place)
      (I still would like to be able to go to the settings πŸ™‚ )

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add some more appearance options.

      • yeayyyy ! πŸ™‚

        thanks a lot for considering it

      • I know I’m responding to a post from a year ago, but I still can’t find this feature, I too would like to hide the date I have a calendar widget I use for the date and would like to hide it on fancy. T Thanks love your work!

  22. Pro version.
    Is it fine on Samsung Galaxy S?
    Also the thing is that in Russian we do not say, Π”Π΅ΠΊΠ°Π±Ρ€ΡŒ (December) 9 – it should be 09 ДСкабря.

    will buy.
    Thank you!

  23. How can I buy Pro version ? I’m from Slovakia and android market can’t suport my country.


  24. sometimes its setting is initialized… plz fix this bug

  25. It would be great if we coul have animatins for ALL of the weather conditions (windy, sunny, etc)

  26. Hello. Buy Pro version and I’ve been using.
    I am a user in Korea is using GalaxyS.

    Skins are now correctly logged all good …
    Galaxy S turn it off and back it would be set as the default widget.

    I do not know what in the settings or tell if the original
    Please e-mail answer.

    Google Translator will translate into a sentence may be strange.

  27. hi, can you please look at this screenshot -> , this happens to me with every normalsized font, this is stock font froyo 2.2 on galaxyS … 5 icon row in LP+ is disabled.
    maybe it’s caused by 4×5 grid size in lp+ … …. [little later] … yes it’s caused by 4×5 grid option in lp+

    that’s shame πŸ™‚ no body uses 4×4 any more, it works but only with smaller font like sonysketch2

    can you look into this minor problem ? any news about accuweather (it would be awesome) ?

    another thing , when choosing clock skin the middle button “Developer” is wrapped into new line … just letter “r” (stock galaxyS font)

    any news about offset and pixels in fancy forecast widget ? (i posted this above)

    any plans for clock|weather skin transparency % ?

    any chance to replace ugly clock font for default|digital clock widget style ? ok, not so important but still …

    oh yea i almost forgot … i really LOVE the number of combinations with mixing widget style,clock skin and weather skin, and backgrounds … and stuff, i think people should really appreciate it.

    so my final question for today is when will new update come ?


    • There is not enough space on the widget to display all the information either under 5 icon row or 4×5 grid setting. If you use LPP, you can resize the widget and make it a little bigger to accomodate the text. Your other comment on the forecast widget (offset and pixels) may also be related to this.

      AccuWeather is probably not possible at this moment, as they don’t seem interested in working with us. This has been discussed a few times in previous comments.

      Option to adjust the transparency will be coming in future updates.

      The clock font used in the default skin is the default font used in stock Android clock. Although you may find it ugly, some other users do like it. So this will not be changed for the moment. If you like other fonts, you can use skins to customize the font/color of the clock. You can even make your own skins to your taste and share it with other users.

      For your last question, I’m working on the new version, but it probably won’t arrive at the market this week.

      • Dennis, did I discover what appears to be a (small) bug or not?

        On the main (large) widget, I see the temperature showing a high of -39F and a low of -2F, which is opposite of reality. πŸ™‚

        Not a big deal, just thought I would mention it.


        • What is your current weather provider (Google Weather or WeatherBug)? And what’s your location?

          • I’m in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, 52.1N 106.5W, about 1000 miles due north of Denver. According to the settings, it’s set to use Weatherbug, although it would be much nicer to be able to use (local airport is YXE – I’m a private pilot, btw)


            • WeatherUnderground’s API seems easy to use. I did look into their API a while ago, but found that they forbid the use of their API in any mobile app.

  28. Just a simple skin request. Is it possible to create a clock skin where the digits are the same as the ones used for temperatures? I’m just looking for a consistent appearance.

    Thank you.

  29. I use 2.1.1 free version with skin green android and i wonder why i don’t see clock tab background in withe color ?I just see green number ?

  30. Hi guys
    great work on the application, its super!
    one question though … is there any way of creating a shortcut or some kind of widget for direct weather update ?
    just one click to update the weather style πŸ™‚

    thanks alot for all your efforts!

    • What weather style? You mean the weather forecast? You can update the weather either from the settings activity or from the forecast activity.

  31. There is no translation for “30% Chance of Frozen Mix”

  32. Hi, very nice widget, stock install on my Droid X, the weather icon is above, then time, then date on the bottom. Every example I’ve seen, including the single, original Clock and Weather skin in the Appearance settings, show the opposite arrangement with the weather on the bottom, I actually prefer the weather on the bottom but I don’t see any way to reverse it. Is this an issue with the Droid or what?
    Regardless, thank you.

    • You may want to choose the digital clock (new) widget style from the appearance settings.

      • Oh boo! I missed that. Very nice. Is there a gallery of skins that can be viewed from a desktop?
        No doubt that’s in front of my face too but I’ve missed that as well.

  33. I liked Fancy Widget so much that I just bought Fancy Widget Pro, first app I ever bought!
    Fancy Widget worked great on my Droid 2. But not FW Pro πŸ™
    I read and followed the directions in the FAQ, but I don’t see Fancy Widget Pro Icon listed….I do see FIVE there, FW Clock, FW Forecast, FW Home, FW Home Small, and FW Weather…..and none of them load what was on my screen with palin old Fancy Widget….help?

  34. Hey, I love your free version and am probably going to get the pro version to have access to more themes. I was just wondering how many clock and weather themes you have, and should I uninstall the free version I have before installing the pro.

    • There are not too many skins in the FW market right now, but the number is growing steadily. You may (but don’t have to) uninstall the free version before installing the pro.

  35. Weather location not working on my htc desire…

  36. This app is great! Unfortunately doesn’t work sounds yet.
    HTC Desire Hd.

  37. Tried your free version and loved it… really wanted to try out the flip style clock and figured out (perhaps this should be mentioned) that it’s only available with pro, so went off and bought your app – must say, worth the money!

    I needed my flip clock with weather (Samsung Captivate) – HTC got me hooked on it πŸ˜›

  38. There is no translation for “50% Chance of Light Snow”

  39. Hey, I just installed Fancy Widget (Free) and although the clock looks nice, I get no weather info. Is this a new limitation of the Free app? I also have the WeatherChannel app installed, so I wondered if they were clashing with one another.

    • This is not a limitation. You can try the few tips on the FAQ page to get the weather. This app does not clash with the Weather Channel app or any other app.

  40. Hi,
    Can I help you translate Fancy Widget Pro to Slovak language ?


  41. hello

    developpped by archos A70 internet tablet (android 2.1) please.

  42. Hi, there (Fancy Widget developers)!

    I really like the “Fancy Widget” and I even purchased the Pro version (Google Order Number: 932212106995235).

    Yet there is one feature that would make it perfect for me (and probably people like me). It is a possibility to add custom alarm application on “tap on clock” action. Currently it is either “clock”, “do nothing” or “settings”. As i understand the code base exists (you allow to do this kind of action for “tap on forecast”), so it wouldn’t be a difficult issue.

    Great piece of code!
    All the best!

    • The feature you requested has already been implemented. When you choose “launch clock app” in “clock tap action”, you will be able to select your own app from the list of installed apps. It is called “clock app” simply because it is the app to launch when you tap on the clock. It does not have to be the default stock clock app.

      • Thanks!!! Probably I started with free version and didn’t find this option there. 5 stars!
        All the best!

  43. i’ve updated ROM and FW to the lastest, and now the weather is always displayed. in the previous version, the weather was not displayed.
    ie: i only had Clock, date & battery % displayed.
    how can i remove the weather info so it is not displayed at all? i cant find it in the menu…

    • You can hide the weather icon in appearance settings. If you use the pro version, there’s a clock-only widget.

      • just want to be clear – i have to buy the pro version to disable the weather view, as of v2.1.1??
        thanks for the quick reply!

        • oh, i see now – the weather icon in ‘appearance settings’, removes the actual weather icon (ie: sun/clouds etc). the text itself stays.

          so to remove the text, i need to buy the pro version..?

        • In previous versions, the widget would also display the weather part. It might be a glitch if you did not see it. The pro version has a few more widgets including a clock-only one.

  44. Nice work. I would love to see a glance-able “Feels Like” or “Wind Chill” temperature like you get with the Weather Channel widget. Cheers.

    • You can see “Feels Like” and wind conditions in the forecast activity when you tap the weather icon. The “Feels Like” temperature is available only if you use WeatherBug in the pro version.

  45. I have FW pro and am having trouble downloading skins from the market. Whenever I try to it says download failed.

  46. I am using Nexus S with gingerbread, and I also get a failed to download skin every time I try to download πŸ™

  47. I am using the free verison. In the last release it stop my auto refresh when I unlock my phone even after 15 minutes.

  48. No it does not. Thanks

  49. I was wondering in the Pro version if I chose WeatherBug if there is anyway to choose the weather station in weatherbug that it pulls the temp data from?

  50. I purchased fancy and beautiful widget and can’t find out how to download after doing a factory reset. Help!

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