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Fancy Widget v2.1.5 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.5 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget is now available in the Android Market. Here's what the new version brings:

For all users:

  • New option: wind speed unit. This option replaces the "Use metric" option. It gives you five choices: mph, km/h, m/s, ft/s, and knots.
  • New option: refresh on WiFi only. Note that this option only applies to scheduled auto updates. If WiFi network is unavailable at the scheduled refresh time, the update would fail. When you do a manual refresh, any available network will be used for updates.
  • New options: use english location/weather. When enabled, your location/weather on the widget will be forced to display in English.
  • Refresh from forecast screen

    will now update both your location and weather.

  • Fixed missing weather icons for conditions such as Light Snow Showers.
  • Added Finnish, Greek, Japanese, and Ukrainian translations.
  • Other bug fixes.

For pro users only:

  • New options: weather alert customizations. You may now configure how weather alert notifications are delivered by turning on/off sound, vibration, or LED flash.
  • Added flare (for Sunny) and wiper (for Rain, etc.) animations.
  • Improved cloud/fog animations.
  • Fixed a bug when switching weather providers.
  • Fixed a bug that may lead to FC on the forecast screen.
  • The alternative geocoder is now disabled by default.

Update: Fancy Widget v2.1.5 PL1 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.5 PL1 fixed an auto-refresh bug when network connection is unavailable.

All right. That's it. If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us for support. (Read the FAQ first!)

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  1. Thanks for your work on this excellent app! I appreciate the customization of weather alerts on the pro version. Not a big deal, but the new “LED flash” option on weather alerts doesn’t work on my original Droid phone, at least not while using the “test notofication”. The notification sound and vibrate options do work however. It would be a nice addition to have the ability to pick the LED flash color in the future as well.

    • I don’t know about other phones, but for the Droid, the LED won’t flash when the screen is on. This “feature” is there for the Droid since the Android 2.1 update. You will be able to see it flashing if you turn off your screen after you hit test. I’ll consider to add the color option in a future update.

  2. i know this has already been discussed before but, i am having freezing issues with fancy widget on my original droid, while beautiful widget keeps time just fine…but id rather use your program because of it’s UI which i think is prettier frankly. any suggestions for my problem? thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Could you please change polish translation for widget style (flip clock) from “ObrΓ³Δ‡ zegar”, which sounds strange, to “Zegar kartkowy” which is more natural, makes more sense and is commonly used.

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

  4. Any update on if this solves the forgotten settings bug?

  5. I have fancy pro. Can’t get the widget to change to the dessign I want. It says installed but the widget on my home screen does not change no matter what design I download. Help!

  6. I installed some flip clock style skin, but seems like it doesnt work at all.
    It just shows back digital style skin. Any idea?

    I’m using P500

    • You may want to switch the widget style to flip clock (from appearance settings) to go with those skins.

      • It just has 2 option for me to choose from: Digital Clock New and Classic.

        Or i have to purchase the pro version to have those?

        • The flip clock widget style is available in the pro version only.

          • oh oh, too bad i still cant purchase any apps here [Malaysia cant purchase any apps from android market yet]

            Anyway, small suggestion from me, is it possible to have such date format:

            I have been waiting such format for a long time!
            And thanks for the quick reply too!

            • The long and short date formats are specified in the translation file for each language. Otherwise, the closest would be 31-01-2011.

  7. Noticed today (using Weatherbug API) the condition in my area says “Moderate Thunderstorms” though its missing the icon. Love the new wiper animation btw πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, I am not able to deactivate animation on startup screen. In settings all unmarked. Clouds still keeps comming.
    SGS, ver. 2.2. 1

  9. Sorry
    BW was actve.
    After closing BW, problem sokved.


  10. Cloud speed.
    Will it be possible to controle cloud speed in a future update.
    Going a little to fast on my SCS.

  11. This version of Pro (1.0.5) is causing battery drain like I’ve never had before. It actually killed my battery causing my phone to shut down overnight. And according to the battery info in my settings, it’s been using more juice, CPU wise, than my AMOLED display and that’s saying a lot! lol

    Luckily I had the previous version backed up. Hope you get this straightened out.

    • Thanks for reporting this issue. There is a bug with auto-refresh and it has been fixed in the latest update. Please download and install the latest version from the Android Market.

  12. I love this MAN. I requested the sunny animations and he inserted it: YOU ARE MY IDOL…

  13. Nice work on Fancy Widget! I don’t have the PRO version (yet) and I currently use the free one. I noticed that the last update (2.1.15) made my SGS shut down in half afternoon in standby after being fully charged! I had to, unfortunately, uninstall FW for the time being. I checked the process manager to see if FW was really the guilt and yes – it was sucking more than 50% of the system resources!

    • There was a bug with auto-refresh when your phone has no network connection. This has been fixed in v2.1.5 PL1, so please update to the latest version from the Android Market. Sorry for the trouble.

      • Ok! Gonna try that. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work!


      • Well, now it works different. When it tries to update, and if there no network connection, it stops updating. But even if I turn my connections on, application still doesn’t update the forecast. I have to force it manually, but it works untill next network unavailability only.

        Could you fix this, please?

  14. Best clock & weather widget I ever seen…good work

  15. Works great love it all you people that are having a hard time maybe you should check your task app settings it might be stopping the internet connection

  16. Clock and weather skins?

  17. I’ve used the free version for some time now and just upgraded to the purchase version recently and love it even more. One suggestion I have, could you make it so when you click on the weather alert from the forecast that it enters your current locations zip code?. Ideally you wouldn’t have to enter a zip code (on the weather bug page loaded by the alert) every time you want to see an alerts details. Again great work, keep it up!

    • I don’t know why it happens, but the WeatherBug mobile site might ask for your location again even though the URL already contains your location. The widget passes the URL included in the data feed from WeatherBug, so it should take you to the alert details page directly. Maybe this is a limit with their mobile site.

  18. Your app was the first I purchased, even before TB Pro, and have loved everything until the windshield wiper animation.

    Could you work in making animation parts optional (I want to keep the rain and the rest)?

    Thank you for all the update. I am slowly learning some dev myself, and I know how hard you must be working on this even if you are an asp writing ‘god’.


    • I love the new wiper but don’t think the clouds look right being there with the wiper animation. Maybe could you have a selectable option where you could have either “clouds” or “wiper” for the rain animation πŸ™‚

    • The windshield wiper animation was added because a lot of users requested that feature. There are many combinations of animation effects (e.g., rain, cloud, wiper) for different types of weather conditions. I don’t want to clutter the settings menu, and I’m not sure what the best way is to provide the options.

  19. I downloaded Fancy Widget then decided to purchase the Pro version. I have done a reset and restart and I don’t see the Pro options available. I’m running Launcher Pro Plus. What else should I be doing? Should uninstall the Fancy Widget or should automatically transfer to Pro. Please help. Thanks.

  20. Absolutely the best weather and clock widget on the android. And it improves with every release. Wishing for the moon phase to make it the perfect android app. Miles ahead of anyone out there. Glad to have bought it !!

    • The moon phase feature is planned for future versions. BTW, how would you like the moon phase be presented? Textual description on the forecast screen like sunrise/sunset? Small moon icons on the forecast screen? Or different moon icons on the main widget?

      • how about when the sun changes to the moon for night time, have -that- moon change depending on moon phase.

        • I thought about this and two issues came to mind. First, you may only see moon phases when the weather is clear where the weather icon only contains the moon (no clouds, rain, etc.). If I add weather icons based on moon phase, there would be about three or four new images just for the moon. However, when the weather is, say mostly cloudy, you would still see the same full moon partly covered with clouds. If you want all the weather icons with a moon to support moon phases, then there would be over 20 new icons and the app package will be bloated. Another issue is, you might only see moon phases for the default weather skin, as other weather skins do not support this feature and probably never will, depending on the skin dev. This also makes the weather icon based moon phase feature less useful.

          • What about making the parts of the cloud that moves over the moon 50 ~ 80% transparent. That way you make it look like moon is nice and bright, shining through the cloud layer, while still being able to see them moving.
            If conditions are overcast, maybe the moon can just seem to kind of glow behind the clouds, as if ur seeing the sun from behind a layer of clouds, for example, or a light bulb from behind bed sheets.

            • Are you talking about forecast animations, or are you still on the topic of moon phases? I don’t see the connection between transparency and moon phases.

              • ah, make the weather forecast on the widget, during the night, with transparent clouds as to be able to see the moon, which is in its correct moon phase.
                I donno man, i just smoked a joint, so I’m just spitting out idea.

                Bought a copy of the Pro version earlier, btw. I like this app. It’s pretty fancy.

                • Due to limitations of the current Android widget framework, we can’t implement animations on the widget. Even adjusting the transparency of images on the widget is non-trivial. Anyway, we need to give this some more thought, and thanks for your input.

                  • :”Due to limitations of the current Android widget framework, we can’t implement animations on the widget.”

                    Ah well in that case, maybe in later versions.

  21. I’m having a slight issue with the latest update. With weatherbug if the refresh interval is set to an hour or more the update fails. It comes up on the refresh settings menu as (next refresh 11:50am) 11:50am comes past and nothing happens. Then the next refresh disappears so left with “Last Refresh”. Ive tried “Always” and “when background data is enabled” and left it overnight and when I woke up the last update was over 6 hours ago. Since then I had to leave it on 30mins for now. Can show screenshots if it helps.

    With the moon phase I would suggest different moon icons (only on clear nights) so its optional if the skin developer decides to add it. Maybe also add a mist animation (like a thin cloud appears then disappears on the bottom of the moon icon on the forecast screen rather than going “left to right like normal clouds”) to the “clear” night, or just a “grey flare” showing the moons brightness or reflection.


    • By default, the widget would not update at the exact refresh interval. Instead, it updates the next time the device wakes up (e.g., when you unlock) after the scheduled refresh time. This helps to save battery. However, you can change this behavior by enabling “wake up for refresh” in refresh settings, so that the widget always wakes up your device at your refresh intervals.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the moon phase feature and animations. I also think it makes sense to only include different moon phase images for clear nights. I also agree that skin devs can choose to support this feature, but it’s not required. I was just preemptively throwing out some potential complaints from users if I implement this way, to see if you guys have any better ideas.

  22. This has bee bugging me ever since i got Fancy Widget. I like to have my clock with the 0 i.e 09:37. But if i have that enabled the AM/PM icons overlap and make a almost prefect clock look messed.

    Currently i have AM/PM hidden but would really like this fixed. Using Galaxy S with the MIUI Alt Clock (it dose hat with all clock).

    • This is a known issue with the flip clock widget style. There is simply not enough space on the widget for everything, so you have to make your choice.

  23. When I push the weather icon. Doesn’t show me my forecast anymore

  24. Is it possible to make optional Wind not only in miles per hour? Pls add meters per second.
    And also pls translate into Russian wind directions, now its only “N” (North) it could be better if “Π‘” (Π‘Π΅Π²Π΅Ρ€Π½Ρ‹ΠΉ) in Rus.

    Thank you very much for day by day improvemntts.

  25. I am using a Samsung Captivate and for some reason, my clock stops updating the time. I am using the Fancy Home small widget.

  26. “MODERATE SLEET” icon missing πŸ™

  27. I recently received an update (Running Pro v1.0.5 PL1) on my LG Ally and my weather does not update automatically now. I have to manually update it. I am using WeatherBug as my provider and have Auto Refresh on Always and my Refresh interval set to 15 minutes. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Thank you in advance for your help.

  28. Still not saving settings on Galaxy S with stock firmware 2.2.1, I’m not using any lagfix or similar tools

  29. No, I do not have the WIFI option turned on.

  30. Could you add shadows to the forecast widget? I don’t use the widget background and the text is hard to read on a light wallpaper. Thanks!

  31. Hi, nice work… but in Venice, Italy, it nearly always shows rain.. πŸ™

  32. Installed both MIUI weather and clock, digits stay black, cant switch color to white

  33. I also been having issues where the weather dose not update automatically and even if i do it manually it dose not get the correct location

  34. Im doing that and it doesnt work, i think the MIUI style is set to black colored digits

    • Sorry, I thought you were talking about the clock tab background. The clock digits in the MIUI clock skin are black/gray, and you can’t change the color from the settings.

  35. Ok, thats what i thought, nevermind…ill stick to the stock…thanks anyways

  36. Hi, in the hope that you read this..

    I noticed you mentioned a lot of people requested the wiper so it’s doubtful you’ll take it out. Just wanted to get my voice in that I really find don’t like the windscreen wiper. The animations overall are great, but I find the wiper extremely distracting.. If you have to leave it in would you at least consider reducing it’s size/speed?

    Overall love the app, keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  37. i had a free version, then i bought pro version (i have galaxy s). when i tried to change clock skin, only the colour of digits changed. i thought its problem cause i still had free and pro version, so i uninstalled free ver. (without clearing the cashe though). pro version stayed as well as the problem. so all skins with white background and black digits i can not use properly (like “h7c, miui, oxygen, silverglass” etc., and “subtle clarity” doesnt work at all, when i put it the old skin doesnt change).

  38. You may want to switch to the flip clock widget style in appearance settings. This is a new widget style in the pro version.

  39. Why does it changes all the seetings to default/original after few hours. this is nutts. all the skins weather and clock get back to default settings after few hours. Anyone having the same problem?

  40. Dennis,
    I also have the issue with the app not updating automatically. Set to 1 hour, always wake up on, WiFi only off. Manual update only. SE X10.

  41. Seems that setting the update interval to 30 mins does indeed fix the problem.

  42. When I tap on my location area on widget vibration is occurs. What does it means? And it would be great to make refresh weather on that action without going to forecast screen

    • I don’t know what the vibration means, but there is no action when you tap on the location.

      • OK, but what about this suggestion?

        > It would be great to make refresh weather on that action without going to forecast screen

        • This has been discussed a few times before. I did not add refresh weather as a tap action option because 1) updates can be expensive in terms of resource and battery usage, and 2) users may easily trigger updates too often or inadvertently.

      • I have the SGS and the vibration isn’t any king of glitch, its just telling you that when you click on that area there is no available action.

        If you want to disable it you can go to Settings–> Sound–> and unclick “Haptic feedback” option.

  43. Denis, you did increase the width of date label (we discussed it if you remember), and it was fine. But on latest release some of dates are still gets truncated. I’m not sure if this glitch was on previous versions, but now it there. Could you increase it some pixels more, please? I assume 5 would be enough.

    • You mean with the flip clock widget style? What text is being truncated? You should be able to see the full text if you rotate your screen to landscape mode.

  44. The refresh isn’t working since lay update. I have tried all of the options when i read through this comment bar. and it just wont update by itself anymore

    • I’m looking into this issue and will try to fix it in the next update.

      • I had the same issue where it wasn’t updating… then it just worked by itself. Not sure if it’s the widget or the actual “Weatherbug” service which had this refresh problem.

        Another suggestion I can make is for “windy” forecast would it be possible to have falling autumn leaves animations included in the future? Thanks and also have brought a couple friends over from BW to FW πŸ™‚

        • I’m not sure if it’s WeatherBug, but I did find a bug and there’s an update coming soon.

          Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add wind animations in a future update.

  45. Hi Dennis πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your great effort and creativity in bringing Fancy Widget on par with other clock&weather out there in the market. I’m glad to finally sort my credit card out and buy your great app through the market today.

    I have to say I am blown by a bunch of new features comparing to that of v1.30. I love the whole range of your widget sizes. I personally love 4×1 or small home widget as it sits beautifully on top of my Executive Assistant 4×4 widget. I also love transparency features to easily make this widget one of my top paid-apps.

    However, please consider my request: Add ability to configure clock being placed on the left or right of the weather panel for the 4×1 widget. I beleive it is now fixed on the left only. Thank you in advance.


  46. Love the widget, however it does not seem to be updating on unlock. I have a Fascinate.

  47. I just bought the widget. Its great and way better than BW IMHO. I cant get the sound effect to work however.
    any suggestions?

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