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Fancy Widget v2.1.7 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.7 Released

A minor update of Fancy Widget is now in the Android Market. Here's what this update brings:

For all users:

  • Added Beaufort scale wind speed option.
  • Adjusted the transparency of the default widget background.
  • Updated some language translations (e.g., Italian, Polish).

For pro users only:

  • Fixed a bug with the hide clock tabs option.
  • Fixed a FC issue when accessing the FW market in some cases.
  • Fixed a wind condition display bug on the Fancy Weather widget.

That's it for now. Here are some skins for everyone.


Angry Clock

Simple Clock

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us for support. (Read the FAQ first!)


Fancy Widget v2.1.6 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.6 Released

A new version of Fancy Widget is now available on the Android Market. Here's what the new version brings:

For all users:

  • Improved widget layout for WQVGA devices (e.g., Samsung Intercept).
  • Improved forecast screen layout. Some text are made larger and more legible on devices with smaller screens. The order of menu options (Configure and Refresh) are swapped.
  • Fixed a bug with auto refresh.
  • Fixed missing weather icons for conditions such as Moderate Thunderstorms.
  • Updated some language translations.

For pro users only:

  • New option: LED color. You can now further customize weather alert notifications by assigning a specific LED color. Note that your device LEDs may not support some of the colors. Green is the most common notification color and should be supported by most devices.
  • New option: enable windshield wiper animation. This option is enabled by default, but you may turn it off if you don't like the new windshield wiper animation.
  • Tweaked cloud and fog animations.
  • Fixed a FC bug when turning off skin cache.
  • Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Update: Based on users' feedback, the new update restores the default Android Clock skin. If you want the new Honeycomb skin, you can download it here. It is also available on the Fancy Widget market for pro users.

Honeycomb Skin

In case you are looking for the wallpaper, here it is: Honeycomb Wallpaper.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us for support. (Read the FAQ first!)