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Fancy Widget v2.1.7 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.7 Released

A minor update of Fancy Widget is now in the Android Market. Here's what this update brings:

For all users:

  • Added Beaufort scale wind speed option.
  • Adjusted the transparency of the default widget background.
  • Updated some language translations (e.g., Italian, Polish).

For pro users only:

  • Fixed a bug with the hide clock tabs option.
  • Fixed a FC issue when accessing the FW market in some cases.
  • Fixed a wind condition display bug on the Fancy Weather widget.

That's it for now. Here are some skins for everyone.


Angry Clock

Simple Clock

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us for support. (Read the FAQ first!)

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  1. Widget doesn’t show up in list to add to home screen. App is in apps list, but that’s only settings. Paid for pro. Help?

  2. Cannot get it to work. Moved icon to homepage. Still nothing but settings

  3. FW won’t update weather for me… Epic 4G running the stock 2.2.1. Other widgets work fine, though.

  4. How do I delete? I go to my market and it won’t let me uninstall..its not even showing that its installed but its there

  5. Why cant i download these skins on my zte blade? Is the problem in my phone or in the fancy widget?

  6. FW wont update the weather for me. It was working OK until about a week

  7. How am I supposed to ensure a single row widget? When I remove or add elements when does it stretch down? Your product image shows what I’m talking about

  8. Could u do more animations like for fog . some animation blowing hot air on the screen foging it up, for ice, freezing the hole screen like ice. Like the wiper when it rains that’s cool. Than u.

  9. I would love to be able to set just a solid colour background, that fills the entire grid up the edge of the screen, to use with the transparency slider. Is there a way to do this without writing my own skin?

  10. “Chance of flurry” is missing an icon… thanks!

    • Chance of Flurry is in the known condition list and should have an weather icon. Are you sure it’s Chance of Flurry? Or is it Chance of Flurries?

  11. Any chance that we can get the weather in a small pop-up window instead of the whole screen?

  12. I’m sorry to hear that too. This FW has been my clock widget for almost a year now. It also sucks that you final release has that bug of not updating itself more than ever before. I have to delete the widget from my homescreen then re-add it for it to work right…most of the time. I’ll keep an eye out for your next product though for sure.

  13. Dennis,

    Many people have asked for the ability to change the order of the long date format . I will also add my name to the list.
    You keep replying that “the format is specified in the translation / language”.
    The problem is, English speaking nations use different formats (for example USA = Monday October 10 but UK = Monday 10 October) so it is necessary to change the format FOR THE SAME LANGUAGE (English).

    Are you are unable to understand this, or you do not want to do the work?

    Other apps manage to offer this option (SiMi Clock Pro offers many date formats, even allowing the user to create their own) . Please can you offer the same?

    • Thanks for your feedback. In fact, the language file can also be region dependent. For example, en-rUS for USA, en-rGB for UK and en-rCA for Canada. We will offer more customizable date options in future versions.

  14. Cannot download skins. Droid 2 user.

  15. Can’t get the new backbackgrounds to open can you just add it to a market update. But all In all I love the widget

  16. Wheater like htc sense please and ad like choise accuweather or weather channel to wheater options

  17. I downloaded and installed the FWPro without any problem. I’m using the H7C skin with only the flip clock showing; i.e., no weather etc. Only problem is that the clock does not keep the time properly. It updates whenever…. I have tried to play with the configurations including the “refresh” but without success. Any ideas?

    I am using a Android 2.2 on a Samsung Fascinate.

  18. The bottom portion of both (weather & home) widgets are off the screen on HTC Droid Incredible. Awesome widget, but the fact that it doesn’t show everything means it will not work at this point.

  19. I downloaded your new skins and was having trouble applying them, I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I don’t have the moon or the sun. All I have is the time and date… please help me get them back on here.

  20. Was supposed to have several skins

  21. What are you going to do four YOUR customers that purchased fancy widget pro from Amazon? We are still your customers and and deserve to be able to get the updated version also. I really love the app, but cannot repurchase out of principle, of I get the app from the Google app market what is to say that next update you will screw over those customers. And should I have to repurchase the app?

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