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Fancy Widget v2.1.8 and Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.8 Released

This is another minor update. Here's what's new:

For all users:

  • Enabled the holographic theme for Honeycomb. The current version still does not look very nice under Android 3.0, and we are working on a new version specifically optimized for Honeycomb tablets.
  • Fixed missing weather icons for conditions such as Heavy Thunderstorm.
  • Updated some language translations (e.g., Finnish, Japanese).

For pro users only:

  • Added windshield wiper animations for storm or snow conditions.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

All right. Some weather skins for everyone:

Colour Burst

Glass Weather

Grunge Weather


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you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact us for support. (Read the FAQ first!)

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  1. Constantly crashes when trying “view all” clock or weather skins for HTC hero. Crashes everytime, not just occasionally. Verrrry frustrating.

  2. The 3new skins don’t download to the LG optimus . Nor do I even have a default skin.

  3. I purchased the pro version. I get the clock but no weather. It tells me no weather data at this time. Please text a response to 915-996-5268

  4. I have the pro version on Samsung galaxy s, but since I’ve had software update for my phone fw pro seems to reset back to normal settings after an hour? Ive never had that trouble before?

  5. I downloaded your new skins and was having trouble applying them, I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I don’t have the moon or the sun. All I have is the time and date… please help me get them back on here.

  6. I just purchased the pro version and it locks up.not happy with it.

  7. I had no real big problems with it. Its the best one that I have download. Keep up the good work guys

  8. This app sucks shit! I have to download every little fucking thing. Its confusing as shit! Worse app out there fuck the guy who made it!

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  10. Like so far dose good on the moto. Defy. w/motoblur

  11. Alguien me podrái decir por qué al reinstalar la aplicación profesional, no me almacena o mantiene la configuracion una vez que apago el movil (Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2.1).
    Antes de reinstalarla me gurdaba la configuracion.

    Por lo demás me parece muy buena

  12. I have buying de app Fancy Widget Pro 1.0.8 and not save config.
    When i shut down (power off) my mobile (samsung Galaxy S with Froyo 2.2.1) the config loss.
    When i Power up the config is default not my own config

    Help me

    Andres Docampo

  13. Please give support for like it’s in Beautiful Widgets. That’d be great

  14. Hey love this app I wish someone would make super hero clock like Batman that would really cool

  15. I’ve got Fancy Widget 2.1.8 and Fancy Widget Pro 1.0.8 installed on my MyTouch 4G.

    Fancy Widget 2.1.8 has a transparent widget background (at least mine does at the moment, and I can’t remember if it is that way be default or if I configured it that way), but Fancy Widget Pro 1.0.8 seems to have a translucent widget background. I prefer the transparent widget background.

    Is there a setting for the widget background transparency in Fancy Widget Pro? I can set the transparency of the forecast but not for the widget itself.

    • Dunno how I missed this: Appearance Settings | Hide Widget Elements | Hide widget background.

      Now I have a nice transparent widget with animations 🙂

  16. Just received the latest update to the android software on my DROID x. I have Fancy Widget pro, and since the update the app force closes when trying to change the skin, and the weather tap to view the forecast no longer works. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no change. Any suggestions? All the settings are the same as I had them before.

  17. A bug ? Diferent time on the fancy widget clock vs real time android phone. Samsung Galaxy Ace Gt-5830

  18. Does not work on Samsung Galaxy Tab …

  19. Doesn’t work on Motoroi in market, it saids fixed bugs

  20. I’m using Fancy Widget Pro on Droid X, and I’ve been having force close issues when browsing skins, too.

    • There are too many clock skins in our market now, the market gets a OOM Exception and fore close FW, we will fix this bug in our next major version, it will be released soon.

  21. Have free version. Cannot download new skins. Have the latest updates installed already. What am I either not doing or doing wrong?

  22. The location keeps saying New York but I am in Cicero, NY. I tried setting using gps but no luck. This started happening for last few days. I have Captivate and firefly rom 3.0, I tried even older version with same result.

  23. Cannot look thru clock skins forecloses EVERYTIME!!!!!!!
    Please fix

  24. Cant seem to figure out 3 day forcast, been up all night trying make it happin anyone?

  25. Hey! I love Fancy Widget and have bought the Pro version to support its development. I would like to request a feature to add the weather provider They have a very powerful API that shouldn’t be too hard for you guys to implement:

  26. It’s a great and useful app, I was wondering if it’s possible to show on the widget screen the upcoming events on the calendar

  27. Im having an issue with the weather on the Moto Cliq2 It worked before the tmobi update 10.1.30 (or something like that) Ive tweaked multiple settings with no resolved outcome. :\ I love the app though. (Running Pro 1.0.8)

  28. Hi Fancy Widget

    I installed Fancy Widget on a Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) running 2.1 and it worked fine – Thanks

    Trying to install on my wifes Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) running 2.2 (Swedish Spring) and says ‘This app is incompatible with your OSF Claire’.

    Is it really incompatible or is this just a glitch that can be overcome.

    PS: Using link –


  29. I noticed you have a new version of Fancy Widgets Pro out. What are you going to do for YOUR customers that bought the app through Amazon? It seems this is as much your issue as it is Amazon’s, that is if you do not want to lose customers.

  30. Thank you for a great app awsome.

  31. Ich habe pro 1.8 mit einem Sensation 2.3
    die Wetter Aktualisierung funktioniert nicht automatisch, auch beim Entsperren nicht,obwohl eingeschaltet.

  32. Keeps foreclosing when trying to look thur clock skins EVERYTIME, please………Help!