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Introducing Fancy Widgets 3.0

Fancy Widget (Free) and Fancy Widget Pro, now integrated into one application: Fancy Widgets

New version (v3.0) highlights:
- All new widget designs
- Additional widget styles
- Better skin support
- Moon phase calculation
- New widget sizes (1x1, 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4)
* Choice of AccuWeather as your weather provider
* Multiple location support for both clock and weather

Features marked with * are only available in the full version.

If you purchased Fancy Widget Pro from the Android Market before, you may unlock the full version using your Google order number for the previous purchase. (Click here for step by step instructions)

If your order number is too long (e.g., 12xxx7xxxx9xxxx0xxx8.1xxxx2xxxx7xxxx6xxx5.1xxxx1xxxx), you can get your short order number from here: Get short order number

If you purchased it from the Amazon Appstore, we are sorry that we could not upgrade you at this time, because Amazon does not offer us a way to verify your order. We contacted Amazon a few times regarding this issue, but Amazon would not provide any information for each individual order. We encourage you to contact Amazon directly as end users and let them know this issue so they may change their policy.

Personalize your Android home screen with highly customizable clock widgets, weather widgets, home (clock & weather) widgets, forecast widgets, and more with lots of customization options. Fancy Widgets: now with more styles and features!

Basic features:
- Clock with customizable time and date format
- Current weather condition and 3/4-day weather forecast
- Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature support
- Geo-location for weather or search city by name/zip code
- Configurable refresh interval
- Additional information (e.g., battery level) on the widget
- Customizable widget tap actions
- Automatic sunrise/sunset time calculation
- Moon phase calendar
- Different widget sizes and styles with skin support
- Many options to customize the widget

Full version exclusive features:
- Multiple location support for both clock and weather
- Choice of Google,

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WeatherBug or AccuWeather for weather forecast
- Current temperature notification
- Severe weather alerts with customizable notification options
- Easy backup/restore of your widget settings
- Access to the Fancy Widgets Market and convenient skin management
- Over 400 clock and weather skins to decorate your home screen
- Fancy weather animations (rain, storm, snow, etc.)
- Fancy Widgets 1x1: weather icon, date, battery
- Fancy Widgets 2x1: digital/flip clock, date
- Fancy Widgets 4x1: digital/flip home (clock and weather), weather, forecast, digital/flip clock
- Even more customization options

NOTE: Please exclude Fancy Widgets from your task killers. Otherwise, the widgets will not be able to update properly.

Please read the FAQ and head to our forum for support.

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  1. I can’t find the new version and the pro dissapeared from the market…

  2. I would agree with the previous comment and I miss the pro version really bad please bring it back.

  3. Are you guys currently uploading the new app or something? Like the other 2 have stated, pro is not showing up in the market anymore and neither is the new version.

  4. This is the new version application’s address: [url][url]

  5. The new widgets app is much further down in the search results and the icon for it is totally different. But as long as you do a search for “fancy widgets” it should come up; just maybe further down than you’d expect….probably because it’s still so new. But you can always use the link provided too.
    I found and installed it. Love all of the improvements and great job. One of these days I’m going pro. Thanks for providing a quality product

  6. Will the “old” 1.08 PRO still be availb eon the market? I like it more and i full translated to swedish. If not, how can i get the .apk file so i can install 1.0.8

    • The pro version will not be updated again and will not be able to download from market again. We recommended you upgrade to the new version, because it fixed lots of bugs and added lots of new features.

      • But i wan’t to use the old version beacuse some of the skins doesn’t work properly on the new version and it’s not translated. Is it not possible to have the .apk file? Or keep the old version availbe on the market if that’s not possible.

    • We will add the translation for the new verion in future.

  7. Translate to Czech Language, and money for old version?

  8. How can I use the old skin (Htc Sense Clock Skin) on the new version?
    I enter to appearance settings-clock skin and it shows me just 1 skin , the default one
    I must have the pro version?

    • If you have paid for FW Pro before, you can unlock the full version with your order number. The unlocked version can download and install skins from our skin market, the free version must install the skin manually.

  9. Hello.
    Im seriously considering buying this app. Im running the free version now and like it πŸ™‚
    However, I got a few questions first.
    The forecast app: In the full version, is it possible to get detailed info direcly in the app without having to go to a website or assigning another app for it? (like in GO Weather)
    Is it possible to get good looking animations on the forecast screen? (like GO Weather and Animated Weather)

    • After you unlock the full version, you can get:
      1, Forecast animations on forecast screen.
      2, Choice of AccuWeather/WeatherBug as your weather provider, which are more accurate than goolge weather.
      3, Multiple location support for both clock and weather, and on forecast screen you can fling left or right to see other location’s weather.
      4, More widgets(1×1, 2×1, 4×1, 4×4).
      5, Lots of other new features.

  10. So I purchased pro from the amazon market, do I have to repurchase this now? Would use old version but the clock skin market crashes from loading to many objects at the same time.

  11. What about those of us that purchased this from the Amazon market? There appears to be no current method of upgrading with those credentials. Huge oversight, in my opinion.

  12. I just purchased, great app, thx a lot

  13. If I add a new 4×2 widget with the second style (clock above the weather) I see the date in the top row. If I choose any skin the date row will go below the clock and there is no way to go back to the starting layout/skin

    By the way: activating my old pro license with Google checkout number worked flawlessly, thanks

    • Our skins has it’s default style to show, so when you apply a skin, it will change the widget to it’s default style. You can delete the widget and add it again to use the style you want, or you can click the date area to change the widget style.

  14. I am a previous purchaser of Pro. I loaded the new version 3.0 and followed the instructions for upgrading using my Order Number from Google Checkout. FW keeps saying “The order number you entered does not exist in our system”.

    Please help?

    • I’m afraid this is going to happen to me. I also purchased the old pro-version. If I update, I know I will have problems. I wish the devs would take these things into consideration when coming up with a new app.

    • We need to export the order number list of FW Pro from google, which is not real time interface. So the recently order numbers may not be able to unlock the new version, you can try again a few days later, if there is any problem, please email us.

      • I’d be glad to.

        Can you provide your e-mail address?

        Plus, if I provide you a printout of my Google checkout receipt, could you provide me with a “license key”? It’s not right that the delays and problems fall to the community who have paid you. The onus should have been on you to be sure you were ready to go before you changed the process.

        By the way, my purchase was back in March. Seems like that should work.

  15. It’s telling me it cannot connect to the activation server. Great.

  16. Same here, can’t connect to the activation server after purchasing the unlocker app. -__-

  17. Hello,I Need Chinese Language pack.

  18. Says it is not compatible with my phone? I already have the pro version. Running 2.2.

  19. Hi, I purchased fancy widgets 3.0 on my HTC Wildfire and there is something wrong with the clock, look at these pictures. Old FW Pro widget is on top and NEW FW 3.0 on bottom:

    Hour and minute section are too far from each other, and that’s a problem with every skin in market. Another problem is that font clock in ALL of skins is much less ‘smooth’ than in old FW version (it’s also visible in screen picture). Maybe there is problem with your widget on smartphones with low screen resolution just like HTC Wildfire? If it’s possible, please fix it. Thanks in advance:)

  20. Hi guys πŸ™‚ GREAT job to have multiple locations πŸ˜€ I love that feature very much.

    I’m so pleased to see the new version after having been a FW Pro user since Feb. I have to say the unlocking process was tricky as it has to be the GOOGLE number rather than order number.

    Anyway, just to confirm that I also have the problem of oversized fonts on 4×2 widget that overlap with the clock tabs (like This really makes the app so annoying that I have to fall back to FW PRo. Please fix this in your future release and please also consider adding location for 4×1 weather forecast widget.

    Thanks in advance.


  21. What about other languages support? I just purchased the full but I can’t see promised language settings?


  22. I’m sure I already know the answer to this question, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask anyway. What of us who were fortunate enough to get Fancy Widget Pro through Amazon’s free app of the day?

    Either way, thanks for your generosity in providing your app through their free app program. It’s really appreciated.

    • I’m so sorry, I think we could not support users who got Fancy Widget Pro through Amazon’s free app of the day to upgrade for the moment.

      • So you’re telling us you’re going to double dip on those who received the app through Amazon’s Free App of the Day?

        For those who do not know, even though the consumer was able to receive the app free for one day, Amazon still pays the developer for each account that got the app free for the day.

        • For what it’s worth, the developers do not actually get paid by Amazon for the application being listed as the “Free App of the Day” – it’s a separate contract they enter into with Amazon. However, as I posted on Reddit, Android Does might not have lost a paying customer, but I will no longer be suggesting your software to friends.

          Amazon’s Free App of the Day is not a “demo” program, it is a way to receive full, licensed software, for free. It’s a really great way for a developer to get a lot more eyes and hands on their applications, and I have recommended Fancy Widget Pro to several users since downloading it.

          I can’t help but feel like this is a way to turn monetize the many users who got in on the free promotion.

          Android Does, comments?

          • Developers receive the greater of either 20% of the list price or 70% of the selling price. So, for the free app of the day, the developer would receive 20% of the listed price.

            • Developers do not get anything for downloads generated during the free app of the day promotion. You may easily confirm this with Amazon.

              • Really? I was told from a developer that I know who also had an app listed as a Free app of the day on Amazon that the policy was just changed in June. Fancy Widget Pro was the free app on 4-24-11 so you would have gotten the 20% because the policy hadn’t changed by that time. Correct?

                So can I send you my confirmation e-mail from Amazon that I did “purchase” your app on 4-24-11 get a unlock key for the new version on the Android Market?

                • FYI, here’s an excerpt from the “Free App of the Day Agreement” that we signed with Amazon back in March.

                  “Notwithstanding anything in the Distribution Agreement to the contrary, Amazon will have no obligation to pay Developer any Royalties for sales of the Free App occurring on the Promotion Date(s).”

                  I don’t know about the developer you heard from, but we absolutely did NOT get paid for any downloads generated during the FAD promotion.

                  We are still waiting for Amazon to provide us the necessary information to implement the new unlock option. If you can’t wait, please forward us your confirmation email and we will send you a license key.

          • Just to make it clear, we do not have problems offering free license to users who took advantage of the free app of the day promotion from Amazon. Over 100k users got the pro version for free during that single day, and we could not make the free update happen if Amazon does not provide us a way so we can automatically verify all the purchases. We are still contacting Amazon and trying to work out a solution.

  23. I get force close error when unlock app with unlocker app. i buy unlocker app from market but i get force close error please help

  24. Is there any way to add an option for the font sizes? The new widgets have a noticeably larger font than those from the old version, and it doesn’t look as sleek as it did with the smaller fonts.

  25. Just wondering if you are planning on releasing a Honeycomb optimized version for tablets? I have the Asus Transformer and while the Pro version of FW works fine, it doesn’t allow widget resizing (the widget looks small on the homescreen) and I can’t access some features because the tablet doesn’t have a hardware menu button and the widget doesn’t have a soft menu button (eg, can’t switch to moon phases in the forecast view).

    Thanks for a great widget and upgrading using my Google checkout order number was flawless!

  26. Hi there. I like the new version, but it really need german language again (i saw that it will come) and better support for the old skins. I want to use “H7C Transparent Black” clock-skin with Style 3 (Flip Clock), but the texts and numbers are too big, they doesnt fit into the widget. I also tried some of the so called “featured” skins, like MIUInspired Clock, but the text doesnt fit into the widget too, its too big. Please make the texts and numbers smaller, like the “old” (current) Fancy Widget Pro. I will send a screenshot. The widget on top is the old FancyWidget Pro, the bottom widget is the new FancyWidgets. Please fix it. I really want to use the new app, but the skins are very important. Thanks

    • Thanks for your feedback, the next update will improve the layout. For translations, can you help us do some german translation work? If yes, please email us, thank you.

  27. Hi, I would like to do a Slovak translation of the new version. Will the translations be done through or by emails?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  28. no buddy help me… I buy full version unlocker from market but get force close error. what am i doing? i report this to android market.

  29. how can I do send my device log?

  30. When can we expect a new version with translations?

  31. I am wondering why the 4×1 widget only has a 4-day forecast, and not the 5-day forecast (or is it current day + 4-day forecast?) shown in the preview when using the Lite (free) version. I bought it for this feature alone, and I see from the description now at the top of this release notice page, that it only has 4/3 days forecast. How come?

    Also, the 4×4 widget in the Pro version shows the 5-day forecast. The 4×4 forecast has the names on top of the icons, whereas the 4×1 forecast has them below. Could you please move them on top and make them bold?

    Final feature request: I really love everything about the looks of the Beatiful Widget Weather forecast app, as seen here: ( where it has a view of the current day slightly larger, with a 4-day forecast following, all in a 4×1 widget. All his widget needs is multi-location but it does not, so I bought Fancy Widget instead.

    • 5 day forecast is only available with Weatherbug and Accuweather. Google only gives you 4 days.

  32. Uh, and also: Making the moon phases fling-able makes no sense as they are all the same πŸ™‚

  33. I am dismayed that AndroidDoes refuses to support Amazon free app of the day users. Developers are paid for their app when the app is downloaded as a free app of the day. I am going to register a complaint with Amazon for the developer’s unethical business practice related to this app.

    • I agree Stew53, but that will do no good as Android Does has pulled their app from Amazon. I am thinking we all need to go to the better business bureau ( ). It does not matter how we acquired the application as long as the manor in which we acquired the application is legal. Since Android Does entered into an agreement with Amazon and agreed to the “free app”, I do not think that in the eyes of U.S. law and the Better Business Bureau Android does would have a leg to stand on.

      Since they are allowing users that purchased Fancy Widget Pro via Google to upgrade at no charge, it sounds like Android Does may be leaving themselves open for a class action lawsuit.

      I really hope that ‘Android Does’ does the right thing here.

      I know that I myself have recommended this app to many people as a result of getting it as the free app of the day, which until I hear that Android Does is going to honor my receipt from Amazon for Fancy Widget Pro as the free app of the day, I will tell everyone NOT TO purchase this app, and refer them to this website so those potential customers can see how they treat their customers.

      • We do not have problems offering free license to users who took advantage of the free app of the day promotion from Amazon. Over 100k users got the pro version for free during that single day, and we could not make the free update happen if Amazon does not provide us a way so we can automatically verify all the purchases. We are still contacting Amazon and trying to work out a solution.

        • That is great to say that, but I did as you asked and forwarded the recept from Amazon to the email address you told users to submit them to OVER two weeks ago and have not even gotten a responce to my email let alone the new license.

          I really liked this app too πŸ™

          • I must appologize to “Android Does” I just looked in my gmail account and because of how gmail groups messages, I missed their response on July 1st in which they did honor the Amazon Free app of the day receipt from me and gave me a license key. πŸ™‚

            Thank you Android Does, I am going to try to install it right now and get it upgraded.

  34. How do u install the skins? Where do I get them from? (Optimis T)

  35. I’m one of the people that paid for FW on amazon. Is a possible workaround for the upgrade an upgrade button within the 2.x app? The app itself could validate ownership without any help from amazon.

  36. Maybe I’m missing something, but I see no difference between setting “Forecast transition animation” to “All” or “Some”. The animations seem the same on both settings.

  37. Scales very poorly on the Wildfire unfortunately. (The graphics are extremely blurry, and, the size of the flip clock background is disproportionate, and the space between them excessive) πŸ™ Else, I was liking the new features. Hoping for an update.

  38. Does not matter they do not seem to respond to emails or to this blog….

  39. Because I have not heard from AndroidDoes yet (been six days since I emailed them), I went and bought Beautiful Widgets, and I must say that app is amazing.

  40. I truly do hope the issue with Amazon is solved. I loved Fancy Widget, as it warned me when bad weather was approaching. I need those warnings, as the weather where I live gets very random this time of year.

  41. Just curious, why is version 3 not published as an upgrade, but instead as a new app? It seems be a lot of work for you and us for an upgrade regardless how big or minor the changes are.

    • For (certain uncontrollable) management reasons, we could not publish apps under the previous developer account. The new version is published under a new account. We have to go through this process, which is as painful to us as to our customers.

  42. Pressing “Get full version” causes Force Close on Android 1.6. Also pressing weather icon to open forecast causes Force Close on Android 1.6. Any suggestions on how I can upgrade with my FW Pro order number and view my forecast?

  43. do you know of any android app which will update me everytime you do a new post?

  44. Wow. Took me nearly 3 months to find out a new version was available πŸ˜›
    Thanks for allowing paid users to upgrade for free! πŸ˜€ But next time, could you have an opt in email to let me know about updates? (i really only check the market for updates)

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