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Fancy Widgets on the appbrain Hot Apps List

An email from AppBrain has just made its way to our inbox, indicating that Fancy Widgets 3.0 has hit their hottest apps list. We'd like to share this great news with all of our users. The original email follows.

Congratulations! Your Android app 'Fancy Widgets' is now one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain (, the website where people find, install and share Android apps.

Your app has reached this spot because many Android users are visiting and installing your app from the dedicated page

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about it:
Feel free to link to that page to point your users to a convenient place where they can install the app from the web and share it further.

Best regards,
the AppBrain team

Please feel free to share/tweeet this great news with your friends! Thanks for all of you, Fancy Widgets will get better with all your support!

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  1. I have fancy widget pro but can not find order number to upgrade. Suggestions?

  2. I have order number, but still I can’t upgrade.
    “This order number you entered does not exist in our system.

  3. How i can see the widgets on my home screen

    • In order to insert the widget to your home screen, long-press in an empty area on the home screen and select “Widgets”, then choose one of “Fancy Widgets 1×1″ /”Fancy Widgets 2×1″/”Fancy Widgets 4×1″/”Fancy Widgets 4×2″/”Fancy Widgets 4×4”. Also, please make sure that you have enough space available on your home screen.

  4. This is the best and most versitle home screen app i have found. Other then just buying your app is there any way to help promate your app. Oh and your app is only one I have used were downloading new skin is Sooooooo easy, thanks. Props.

  5. I downloaded your free trial thing it says I can download 5 free skins, but I can’t find them to download, went to yhour website and tried to download them to my phone (droid 2) and it said content not supported, when following directions on download to computer it does same thing I would be interested in buying it if the trial let me do what it says, also seems to kill my battery!

    • Q: Where can I find more skins? How do I use them?
      A: For paid version users, you have access to the Fancy Widgets Skin Market, where you can easily discover, install, and manage new skins. The list of available skins is growing, so check back regularly for new skins. If you are using the free version, you can also use skins, but you need to install them manually. More skins are posted on our website as we release updates. In addition, you may also visit our skin developers’ websites to download more skins.

      ◦NYkrinDC –
      ◦Toxic Voxel –
      Here, we use the Crystal LED Clock skin as an example to describe the steps to install a new skin:

      1.Download the skin archive file (e.g., on your computer.
      2.Extract the contents from the archive, and you will get a skin folder named crystalled.
      3.Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
      4.Turn on USB storage from your phone.
      5.Place the crystalled folder at the following location on your SD card: /Android/data/fancywidgets/clockskins/crystalled. If you are installing a weather skin (e.g., the Comic Weather skin), please place it under /Android/data/fancywidgets/weatherskins/comicweather instead. You need to create any directory if it does not exist on your SD card.
      6.Turn off USB storage from your phone.
      7.Go to appearance settings and select the skin you just installed.
      Here are a few things you need to know if you are using the free version:

      ◦If you have trouble downloading skin files on your Android device, please try downloading them on your computer.
      ◦In the above instructions, crystalled and comicweather are just two example skins. You will see different folder names with other skins.
      ◦Please do NOT include nested duplicate skin folders. For example, make sure you don’t have something like /Android/data/fancywidgets/clockskins/crystalled/crystalled. The widget won’t be able to find the skin if you don’t have the proper directory structure.
      ◦There is currently a limit of 5 skins (excluding the default one) in the free version. If you have installed more than 5 skins, you will only see 5 in the list. There is no such limit in the paid version.

  6. Love all your apps and want to get my hands on the full version! I did make the mistake I guess of buying from Amazon. Please help me out! How can you just punish people who did not by from the market. That is poor business and discrimination. You got paid from me but I am out of luck?

    • We would like to offer free license to users who purchased the pro version from the Amazon Appstore. We are contacting Amazon and trying to work out a solution.

  7. Hi!

    When you will translate this app in to Russian?

  8. Regarding the Android Does Fancy Widgets 3.0, users need to hope they do not experience the company’s careless business practice directed at some of their users. Many users downloaded the app as Fancy Widget Pro when the app was offered as Amazon’s free app of the day. Amazon paid Android Does for the downloads. Android Does refuses to support these users who generated revenue for their company.

    Is Android Does keeping the “sleaze” spirit pioneered by CA, PtI, Oracle, etc. alive in the mobile apps software market? They are taking a step in that direction. I like the product, but the company is ignoring part of it’s user base. I uninstalled the Pro version and will campaign against the Android Does cavalier business practice as long as they continue this shifty, unreliable business practice.

    • We are not ignoring any of our users. We have no problem providing a free license to users who purchased the pro version from the Amazon Appstore. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer us a way to verify previous purchases, and we are still contacting them and trying to work out a solution.

      As a matter of fact, Amazon does NOT pay us for any downloads during the free app of the day promotion. For various reasons, we have not received a single penny from Amazon since the inception of the Amazon’s Appstore up to this point. We are even willing to offer users who took advantage of the promotion a free copy of the unlocked new version. We are just waiting for Amazon to help us make this happen by providing us relevant purchase information.

    • I can say for sure that Android Does is honoring the amazon orders (including the free app of the day users), I forwarded them my free app of the day “receipt” that Amazon sends you when you ‘purchased’ the app.

      Android Does has sent both my fiancee and myself an activation code for Fancy Widgets.

      Thank you Android Does.

      I have even tried calling Amazon and complaining to them so that if they feel some of the pain maybe they will try a little harder to help work out whatever the issues are between Amazon and Android Does.

  9. I had trouble downloading the full version to my phone, and had to attempt to do it twice for it to work. I got charged twice, even though it only went through one time. Please do not charge me twice for this mistake.

    Thank you!

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