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Fancy Widgets v3.1 Released

A new version of Fancy Widgets is now available in the Android Market!

Here's what's new:

For all users:
- New widgets available for free version: Weather 1x1, 2x1, 4x1, Forecast 4x4
- Updated widget layout: reverted back to smaller font for widget text and classic android clock font for digital clock styles
- Multiple language support
- Fixed flip clock layout under Samsung TouchWiz launcher
- Fixed widget tap action: do nothing
- Fixed the use GPS option in location settings
- Fixed the hide temperature range option
- Fixed a concurrency bug when handling forecast information
- Fixed a force close bug with the widget background transparency option
- Fixed a force close bug in the forecast/unlock screen under Android 1.6
- Fixed a date picker bug when unlocking with order number

For full version only:
- New widget styles: Weather 1x1 (icon only), Forecast 4x1 (date on top of icon)
- Slightly smaller temperature notification icons

The unlocker has also been updated on the Android Market to fix a force close bug when trying to activate without Internet connection.

As you have probably noticed, the translations in this version are far from complete for many languages. All the languages supported in Fancy Widget (Pro) have been ported and made available in this update. Since we added a lot of new features in Fancy Widgets v3, many new phrases need to be translated. You may help us complete or improve the translation for your language by visiting the online translation system: Fancy Widgets Translation.

For users who purchased the pro version from the Amazon Appstore, we are still contacting them to work out a solution. Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

If you like the digital clock skin from v3.0, here it is: Fancy Digital Clock

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there.

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  1. THANKS GUYS!! That was quick! Now everything is back to awesome πŸ™‚

  2. I still can not unlock Fancy Widgets with too long order number.

  3. Fancy widgets is awesome, but I don’t like the classic android font. Pls get the one from v3.0 back πŸ˜€

  4. I agree, I hate this font. Bring back the v 3.0 font, plz!

  5. Version 3.1.0 has better font, version 3.0 font was to large for certain skins like the H7C skin. Great job developer.

  6. Thanks for making the fonts smaller as before guys. I also appreciate a slightly better layout you have made to v3.1 comparing to FW Pro but I’m sad to see that your weather position for the 4×2 widget has been shifted down too much and that causes big weather icon like KDE clipped at the bottom. Please consider move the position of the weather icon up a bit in your next release.

    And once again, please consider adding “location” to your 4×1 widget as I’m thinking to replace my Snowstorm with yours.

    That’s it from me at the moment. Thanks in advance.


  7. Good work, but I have problem with corect displaing widget 4×4. Here is screen


  8. I made some corections of Slovak translation. Please add this to next update.

    Nice day,

  9. I have fancy widget pro version and its awesome but what would send it over the top is some animations for the flip clock display

    • The current Android widget framework does not support widget animations. HTC has their own widget framework, and their Sense launcher provides special support for widget animations. HTC widgets are actually not standard Android widgets, so they cannot run on non-HTC phones (or even HTC phones running a third-party launcher).

  10. This version avaible to Android Market?

  11. update long to short code coverter is broken

  12. What is the “moon phase calculation”?

  13. iget this error when unlocking app with fancy widget unlocker whats that mean? The license signature is invalid.

    • Did you get Fancy Widgets Unlocker from Android Market? The app verifies your purchase when you unlock it. If the verification process fails, you will see a dialog that informs you the license signature is invalid.

  14. This is good real good

  15. Glad to have the v3.0 font back! Thanks!!!

  16. Hey I purchase the full version of fancy Widgets pro in may. And I put in my order number and it didn’t unlock it for me. Any help

  17. when I noticed the update via the webpage I went to the market to update Fancy Widget Pro, however I get the message, “The requested item could not be found.” Any solutions??? Thanks…

  18. when I noticed the update via the webpage I went to the market to update Fancy Widget Pro, however I get the message, “The requested item could not be found.” Any solutions? Thanks…

  19. I made some other small corrections of Slovak translation. Please add this to next update.

    Nice day,

  20. I purchased fancy widget pro from you guys and you discontinued now. I did not know until I saw comments on android market. I was trying to figure out why my clock was working but not my weather app. I have to purchase fancy widget pro again? I feel I am obligated to get a refund or sent this application for free. When you email me I will give you my account with T mobile. Thank you and I hope I get a response..

  21. I want to be able to change the transparency on the tabs and numbers like the background. Thanks!

  22. good 軟仢

  23. Location stuck, never changes no matter what settings I use. Had fancy widget pro and it worked up until a few days ago, then I saw the new version and thought that would fix it but sadly it didn’t.

  24. Hi, in 30 juny i purchased your version of Fancy widget 3.0, your program say a lot of times to activate, may be every day, but today say that the licence is desactivated, why? If i purchased the original version? I am waiting for your answer. Thanks.

  25. Any word on the Amazon order number? I purchased the old pro version from Amazon and would like to update this one to pro. You’re response is appreciated.

    • We are still contacting Amazon and trying to work out a solution at the moment. If you purchased it from the Amazon Appstore, please sent the order email from Amazon to us.

      • I also purchased from the Amazon Appstore, can I also get an upgrader order number too? Thanks

  26. Im not happy because I got this from amazon and amazon will not help me. I dont feel I should have to buy the unlocker now. I can prove I bought this. I could give my amazon username and pass and they could verify I bought it and then give me the unlocker for free.

    • send me a email address and ill send it to anddoes. i have a copy from amazon and a print screen of the invoice from my amazon acct.

  27. Please consider enabling us to place the clock & weather anywhere within our chosen grid size.

  28. Any way to add as a weather provider? I don’t find any of the ones available too accurate at all for my area.

  29. Come on, peoples! Lend me your voice in support of adding as a weather provider! Lol

  30. I agree with Roger….add the…and where did the Forcast Sounds go???

  31. Hi,
    since I am using the new Fancy Widgets it often happens that when I unlock the screen, the widget clock is not updated. It updates after a while. This never happened with Fancy Widget Pro.
    One other thing, it often happens that when I enter the app menu the screen goes black and it takes a while before the menu displays.
    I’m using Advanced Task Killer and the app is in the ignore list, so it is always running at the background.
    My phone is Samsung Galaxy S with the original firmware Froyo 2.2. I don’t have any problem with any other apps.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  32. Just purchased Fancy Widgets Unlocker for$2.89 but don’t see any new featuresfeatures–what is wrong? Please help (added Fancy Widget to home screen)

    • After you unlock the full version, you can use more widget style, and you can add more locations, also you can download lots of skins in the skin market. Thanks.

  33. I need help order number is not working. And I try to shortened it doesnt work

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