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Fancy Widgets v3.2 Released

Fancy Widgets v3.2

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is now on the Android Market. Here's what this update brings:

For all users:

  • Added a new option to hide sunrise/sunset time on the 4x4 forecast widget.
  • Added a new option for error reporting in advanced settings. This option is turned on by default, so that when a force close occurs, an error report is automatically sent to us.
  • The Fancy Widgets Market is now available to everyone. You may download and install skins conveniently from within the app. However, the selection of skins is limited to a few in the free version. If you enjoy the skins and would like to try hundreds more, please consider upgrading to the full version.
  • Tweaked various widget layouts and refined forecast/moonphase screen.
  • Added detection of Samsung TouchWiz launcher. The 4x2 and 4x4 widgets will use a more compact layout when TouchWiz is your default launcher.
  • Fixed a bug where sunrise/sunset time does not appear on the 4x4 forecast widget in some cases.
  • Updated some language translations.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

For full version only:

  • Fixed a few bugs with backup and restore settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the installed skin list does not refresh after removing skins.
  • Added language translations for the time zone list.
  • Added new temperature notification icons.

For skin developers, a new skin dev guide is now available for download, which documents features of the new skin engine in Fancy Widgets. In version 3.x, we have significantly enhanced the skin system, and here're some highlights:

  • We added support for nine patch graphics as widget background. When widgets are stretched or resized, these nine patch images are able to scale properly without loss of quality. Although the widgets will automatically detect and apply this new type of skins, they still recognize traditional skins if you decide not to take advantage of this new feature.
  • Clock skins may now specify widget style and text color.
  • Weather skins may contain different moon phase images.
  • A new dedicated donation button is added if you accept donations.

Please download the new skin dev guide and use it for your future skin submissions: Skin Dev Guide.

Finally, here's some good news for users who purchased Fancy Widget Pro from the Amazon Appstore. Amazon has heard your feedback and is now actively working with us to make the upgrade possible. Hopefully, we will add a new unlock option for Amazon users soon. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there.

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  1. Hi, I explain two bugs, in the spanish translation in moon fases the legend of the actual fase mount over the predictions, and in 4×3 widget in high and low temperature appear a “H” in high and a arrow in low temperature.

  2. I’ve been using FW for about a month now, I went PRO within a few days & I’m glad I did as it was well worth the small cost for the extra benefits. Since having FW installed its made a HUGE improvement to the way my phone looks – I evan bumped into a friend who thought I’d bought a new phone cos she didn’t recognised it – she has the same phone !

  3. Why does the font for widget text and classic android clock font for digital clock styles back to bigger one???

  4. Rom is 2.3.3

  5. With the new update, the date font is positioned slightly higher. Where as the location font is positioned lower. Using HTC G2 gingerbread 2.3

  6. Hi,
    I made some small corrections of Slovak translation.

    Nice day,

  7. How do i set the forcast sound that i had in the PRO version

  8. Please install Fancy widget On My Phone.

  9. How about a description of what the app is or does in the Market description and web page?

  10. I can not update ….
    Previously I could see the Fancy Widgets on the Android Market on my device now I do not see … Fancy Widgets Unlocker to see it!
    I go to the website of Android Market on my computer and I install the application … But the download and installation does not start ever in my device since it can not detect it via the Android Market and download and install … : – \
    And so I am stuck at version 3.0.0 ….

    Please let someone help me! ΤΝΧ! 🙂

    P.S. Sorry for the not so good my English …

  11. I purchased fancy widget pro.have not
    received a download?

  12. In this version I have the same problem I had in the previous version: in the wheather forecast for five days the first day is always yesterday… Why not today or tomorrow?

  13. Dear,

    My name is Pablo Paciello, I’m the owner of

    We write reviews about the best android apps which include widgets. We are the only site full dedicated to android widgets with own content (we don’t copy from marketplace nor developer’s site description.)

    Time ago we wrote a review about Fancy Widgets, but maybe this article is out of date. We would appreciate your feedback about that.

    The review link:


    • Hi Pablo,

      Thanks for posting the review on your site. The screenshots and list of features/options are outdated, especially after the release of Fancy Widgets v3. Could you post another review of our latest app? We’d appreciate that. Thanks.

  14. I bought the PRO version of Fancy Widget. But after the firmware update the phone, I can not install it. “Load” button on the market does not appear.
    What should I do?
    Once again I buy?
    Version 2.3.4 Android

  15. Is there any info for the update for those who purchased ‘fancy widget pro’ on amazon yet? This is an awsome app and I can’t wait to upgrade.

  16. I purchased fancy widget pro and recently i updated my phone, now i try to install the app again but it do not shows in the market place. any place i can go and download it from?

    Thank you

  17. Would like to see live weather wallpaper. A choice of static or animated which updates to current weather conditions.

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