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Fancy Widgets v3.3.5 Released

A new version of Fancy Widgets is now available in the Android Market. Here's what this update brings:

  • New widget tap actions. Now you may specify tap actions for three additional areas (location, condition, and temperature) on the widgets. As usual, you can choose a pre-defined action or launch any specified application.
  • Improved widget style selection screen.
  • Added three 4x2 clock widget styles. (Full version only)
  • Added quick location switcher. If you have multiple locations, the default location tap action allows you to quickly switch between different locations. (Full version only)
  • Updated language translations.

Update: Fixed a force close bug when entering the widget configuration screen. If widget tap actions do not work after update, please remove and re-add your widgets.

As you have probably noticed, the old version of Fancy Widget is no longer available in the Android Market. In case you still prefer the old version, you may download it here.

Since some users could not access paid apps in their Android Market or they just don't have credit cards for app purchases, it has long been requested to add Paypal as an alternative purchase option. Today, we are pleased to announce that the new Paypal purchase option is finally here. To get started, just click the button below and complete your purchase. Once your payment is cleared, you will receive an email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.


A few users reported that they could not find the Fancy Widgets (free) application in their Android Market. Therefore, we are also making the new version available on our website.

Click here to download the APK file.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there.

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  1. HI,
    please, where is the tap place for “Condition tap action”. A cant find it.


  2. Hi,
    thanks, I needed to know it in order to make the most accurate translation.

    Also, could you please update the application that you released at Android Market and add the updated translations, because no one managed to translate it in time before the realease, so all the language versions are outdated (missing the translation of the new features).

    Thanks a lot,

  3. I paid for it one time do I have to pay again?

  4. I purchase fancy Widgets in February, I tried to use my Google order to unlock a messenger comes up and say I need to contact support to unlock.

  5. The weather prediction as well as the current status is not accurate. Its training outside and it is showing partly cloudy.

  6. My google order for this app prior to the name change is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Why in the hell can’t I unlock the app? Yu disabled it and said contact us. Reply to

  7. Installed and bought latest version today!! Cant launch weather forecast at all!! tap is set, but weather forecast doesnt open at all!! on Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, latest firmware.. Help please!!

  8. Yesterday I bought this awsome app (after 1 month trial with the free one), but I have some trouble with the sunrise/sunset time in the weather section and 4×4 widget: if I use Google Weather as provider the time is stuck, and if I switch to AccuWeather or BugWeather, the time is updated instantly. The problem is when I put back Google Weather: the sunrise/sunset time is the same as the last one shown with Accu or Bug Weather provider. It seems Google Weather isn’t capable of managing his own sunrise/sunset time…

    P.S. In a 2.3.3 device with 480×320 screen, the 4×4 widget suffers some overlapping between weather state and temperature when using Accuweather or Bugweather (due to felt temperature parameter).

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback. Google weather did not provide sunrise/sunset time, but WeatherBug and AccuWeather provided. If you use Google Weather, Fancy Widgets will calculate the sunrise/sunset time by code, so it is not very accurate.

  9. Hi have Pay with Paypal (Transaktionscode xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    But i don´t receive the email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.
    This is 3 Days left
    Pls check this !!!

  10. Hey how often do you update the clock skins…..I have been checking for some days now and its been the same… there a new version that I dont kno about?

  11. Hello i bought the program on your site by paypal and i didnt get the key yet.
    Can you send me the key to my email ??

  12. Hello I bought fancy widgets and it say I have to buy it again and my order number is not working please help me

  13. I love this widget but ever since I upgraded my D2 to Gingerbread last week, there has been an issue with the widget clock updating. It now only seems to update when the home screen it’s on is active. This wasn’t an issue with Froyo.

    I understand it might be connected to Gingerbread’s memory/battery management, but is there any fix?

  14. Hi, have Pay with Paypal
    Transaktionscode xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – 04.09.2011 23:56:55 GMT+03:00

    But i don´t receive the email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.

    Pls check this …

  15. I was so satisfied of my purchase that I submitted a review here 😀
    The site is in italian anyway… 🙂

  16. Hi, have Pay with Paypal
    7. Sep 2011 18:38:55 MESZ
    Transaktionscode: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    But i don´t receive the email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.

    Pls check this !!!

  17. Hello, is for the PayPal buyer also sometimes an answer? Here have been waiting for several days to activation. What is the problem?

  18. Hi, have Pay with Paypal
    5. Sep 2011 18:27:54 MESZ
    Transaktionscode: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    But the same, i don’t receive the email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.

    Pls check this !!!

  19. Hi there 🙂

    Just want to confirm that this version is working smoothly except the updates of the location, by which gets updated periodically. I turned GPS off and tried using all coder options but same thing happened.

    Please advise me on how to get it working. Thanks for your regular updates.


  20. Widget won’t appear after the fix that was done or new update.

  21. What happen with my fancy widgets??

    “Weather forecast not available at this time” and now when i tap the weather widget nothing happened.

    I buy thr unlocker but this is what i’ve got? Omg 🙁

    I use moto defy with miui 110909 rom
    Please help and solve it..

    Sory for my bad english..

  22. The current temp on the home screen is not accurate. The default weather site has the correct temp.

    Right now, the widget shows 81, the default website says 71, and my indoor/outdoor house thermometer says 70.8.

  23. Since you are adding additional widgets like battery, are you also planning to add toggle widgets for Wifi, GPS, etc? Also, how hard would it be to add a Calendar widget (kinda like MClock, but with the features present in Smooth Calendar)? Thanks.

  24. I have the Fancy Widgets installed on a Samsung Infuse 4g and the settings will not stay set. They keep resetting and when I tap the minutes (or any of the tap areas) it takes me to the tap settings. What can I do to resolve this problem please.

  25. androidpit 4 click & buy plz

  26. Why does the clock not automatically update like the old free version did?

    • Fancy Widgets uses a background service that updates the time and weather periodically. If you are using any task manager applications, they may aggressively kill the update service. Please make sure that you exclude Fancy Widgets from any of the kill lists in your task manager apps. If you have already excluded Fancy Widgets from your task manager before, but experience this issue after a recent update, please make sure that it is still in the ignore list. Some preferences may get lost due to updates.

  27. Hi, have Pay with Paypal
    19. Sep 2011 09:47:33 MESZ
    Transaktionscode: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    But i don´t receive the email with instructions to unlock the full version of Fancy Widgets.

    Pls check this !!!

  28. I ordered the unlock for my fancy widget but my order number is not recognized when i try to my order # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx made on 9/19/11

    • You do not need to use your unlocker order number to get the full version. Just install the unlocker app from the Android Market, launch the settings screen, and follow the instructions to unlock the full version.

  29. What are the the two temperature readings (fx. 11°/14°) under the real feel temperature? (I’m using accuweather)

  30. I got your app from Amazon as a free app of the day, but I’ve never seen an update. Is it obsolete? Can I update? TYIA!

    • The pro version has been discontinued. Please install the new version from the Android Market (or Amazon Appstore if you prefer). The new version is called “Fancy Widgets”. You may use your Amazon order number to unlock the full version.

  31. In my Nexus S, with Go launcher (5rows x 4cols) it doesent display the data correctly.
    Please fix it 🙂
    (btw its my favorite clock/weather widget on my htc wildfire)

  32. I tried to unlock the app today using my Google purchase number and it said the download was disabled. Please fix this #xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Is the Google payment transaction number from my purchase. Thanks

  33. It has problem with weather location. What’s wrong with?

  34. I purchased the pro version and had a crash on my phone so I have to reinstall everything. I can email you my confirmation # to get the new full version.

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