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Fancy Widgets v3.5.0 Released

Fancy Widgets v3.5.0 is now available in the Android Market. Here's what's new:

Click here to download the APK file.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there.

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  1. Hi
    Could you please fix display wrong data from The Weather Channel?
    I’m tried to use it and it shows strange temperature – 10 Celsius, but when I’ve checked on site (by tapping on weather sign) I’ve got only 1 C
    I’m not sure that it is ok
    Thank you

  2. Location keeps reverting back to Dayton when choosing new weather providers. Thanks for the new additonal provider choices, but it keeps going back to Dayton…. Please fix

    • Did you use Geolocation? Note that you have to enable the “Use wireless networks” option (Settings -> Location & Security) for Fancy Widgets to automatically determine your location.

  3. 新的weather channel有问题,有的位置无法保存。比如临淄区,能搜到,也提示保存成功,但是返回桌面的时候就变成青岛了,然后进去一看,显示的也是青岛。但是输入淄博市就没问题。之前用过weather pro,记得也是这个网站的数据吧,就能显示到临淄的。

  4. I went from version 3.45 on my incredible s and reinstalled the widgets for my new htc rezound however I don’t have options for 1×1 widgets anymore, just one standard widget. Where did it go?

  5. I can no longer access the weather forecast by tapping ANY field in the widget.

  6. Can’t get the temp and low to display

  7. Hi i had purchased the first version of fancy widgets. I was wondering if i could get a licence key for new version. This is my order number #xxxxxxxxxx9. Thanks

  8. How do you translate? Are you using a service like Crowdin? I like to help you with some misspelling in german.

  9. Hi there, I was wondering if I can get an unlock code for the fancy widgets. I had previously purchased the other app on 3/23/11 order number #xxxxxxxxxxxxx5 . Thank you!’


  10. 4×4 widget is having weather condition wording to go over temperature if it’s a long word. Especially a case with foreign language. Did not have that in 3.45.

  11. its bad for me. I live in iran
    and I can’t access to android
    market to buy unlocker 🙁
    any idea to get unlocker?

  12. Hello! Great wiget! Reminds me of my old HD2:) But now I have Galaxy Note (1280×800) and 4×2 version dosen’t fit screen. Is there 5×2 version? Or may you are planning add it at future? I will buy it. Thanks in advance!

  13. love the ap and have been using paid version for some time. Now suddenly my widget clock reads one hour ahead of my system clock. Any ideas for fixing this?

  14. in fancy widget 1.0.8 Pro 4×2 widgets clock for LDPI device work great but in newest version ( 3.x.x ) 4×2 Widgets not look great in LDPI device. please add 4×2 widget support for LDPI.
    sorry for bad english 😉

  15. wooooow. finally I purcashed license key today and get full version 😀
    thanks android does for suport

  16. Location is constantly changing and I have set to refresh “never”. I can get it to find location manually on demand but within a fee hours it is back to angora or something. Sometimes happens multiple times a day.

  17. i’m purchase this app, but i’m using galaxy note now. Hope can add widget support galaxy note, 4×1 , 2 not fully support this new phone.


  18. How may I translate the app in romanian? It is not completly translated and I would like to help…

  19. please add persian to translate. I can translate to persian

  20. امل ترجمة التطبيق الي العربية

  21. I buy unlock keys are disabled.Please contact me e-mail

  22. Nagyon jó widget és megbizhato gratulálok!

  23. Love this

  24. Like

  25. I like you site

  26. The clock is off by one hour. Its behind by one hour. Tried to set it.

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