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Fancy Widgets v3.5.3 Released

Fancy Widgets v3.5.3 is now available in the Android Market. Here's what's new:

Click here to download the APK file.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t post them in the comments. Head over to our forum and post them there.

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  1. i can’t see the clock only the weather

  2. can you add support for Galaxy Note – 5×2 ?

  3. So I bought fancy widget pro awhile ago and just downloaded the free update one. How do I get the full version back?

  4. You might have a problem with that new license caching code. Check out the market comments (and my bug report, if it helps)

  5. License is invalid… I purchased the unlocker, how could it be invalid… please fix the issue, I really want to use what I paid for.

  6. I purchased the unlocker but I get licence invalid. Please fix the issue!

  7. I just updated but now do not have the long list of skins I had before. What happened? I purchased the unlocker some time ago.

  8. I purchased fancy widget pro. Can I get my licence key? Order number is 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx8

  9. Greating

  10. Just downoaded the free version for the first time. How do you display the clock?

  11. please add option to refresh all location

  12. Had the full version, but updating made the program crash. Can’t even reinstall and get it running. What to do – worked fine before on xperia 8

  13. Will you plan to add widgets with width 5?
    Because it’s not very comfortably to use current widgets on Samsung galaxy note (I’m not sure about other phones with hd resolution)
    thank you

  14. Weather does not update. Temp and conditions show the same as they did when first installed. Downloaded and installed yesterday. Does not matter whether 4G or wifi. Samsung gravity phone

  15. Hello, everyone, can i have your fancy widgets!

  16. The weather on this thing is busted! It’s been showing as partly sunny since the day I installed it and the temp status the same even tho it’s rainstorms outside. Can’t refresh the weather either. Please sort it out our else I’m moving. Thanks. Motorola atrix 4g

  17. since this last update, I am not able to size the second option for 1×1. use to be able to make the widget as big as I wanted. now its just very small. any idea why?

  18. 我已用信用卡付款.請問如何取得金鑰密碼?

  19. Does this work on ICS Galaxy Nexus? Cannot get it going….

  20. Have noticed that the app (full edition) is using between 12 and 15 meg of ram to operate… is this normal? It’s sometimes causing my phone (Samsung Galaxy Apollo) to have issues. I also seem to have “lost” scheduled refreshes and can only get a weather update manually.

  21. ps Sorry for posting in comments, but the last time I gave my email address to a forum it resulted in me being buried in spam for gambling sites despite the address being “private”…

  22. Why, when I’m offline, home screen doesn’t show the downloaded (4 or 5 days) forecast but only the first day forecast?

  23. It does not work the
    key to unlock it.
    What to do?

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  24. Stopped working after latest update. Says unlock code invalid

  25. I’m still going that ‘ the weather network’ will be added as a weather provider.

  26. Hoping, rather.

  27. I want to view weiget on my Cellphone

  28. I have the cruz tabelte can i used it

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